EPCOT Country Highlight: Let’s Go to Mexico!

Hola, Amigos! Let’s take a trip to the beautifully diverse country of Mexico, but we won’t be leaving Florida for this visit. EPCOT will teleport us to the mystical mountainous country by the imaginative magic of Walt Disney. Here you can hear the mariachi band performing in the background, taste exquisite food that will allure your taste buds, sip on tantalizing tequila, and have a watery adventure with the Three Caballeros in the twilight of the Plaza de los Amigos.

Mexico Pavillion Epcot 2013

The Mexico Pavilion is one of the few countries in World Showcase with diverse restaurants that can fit the budget of any Disney guest.


San Angel Inn

  • A charming establishment that is named and modeled after the famous Mexico City hacienda that dates back to 1692
  • Its claim to fame is dining under the “perpetual” twilight sky in Mexico City
  • Its soft lighting provides a romantic atmosphere for couples who want to escape the busy ThemePark
  • It is decorated in a Mexican-Colonial style under the low lights of the ancient Mayan ruins
  • You can enjoy Mexican sausage, flavorful chicken/beef dishes, vegetarian selections, and refreshing handcrafted premium Margaritas while sitting near the majestic river watching the drifting river boat of the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros
  • Lunch and Dinner service provided
  • Cost: $$
  • Click here for menu

San Angel Inn Restaurant Mexico Epcot

La Hacienda de Angel

  • You can taste the colorful traditional Mexican dishes under the radiant beams of the globe lamps at this lakeside full service restaurant
  • Handcrafted margaritas, Mexican beer, superior South American wines, and top rated tequila with a Tequila Ambassador available for any questions you may have
  • You can also book special dining experiences here, such as the Fireworks With Your Feast that will have you sitting near the impressive windows enjoying IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
  • The Candlelight Processional and New Year’s Eve dining packages are also available for the 2013 year
  • Reservations are recommended
  • Some dining plans accepted
  • Dinner service only
  • Cost: $$
  • Click here for menuLa Hacienda de Angel Mexico Epcot

Cantina de San Angel

  • The first stop on your tour around the World at EPCOT…that’s if your excursion starts in Mexico 🙂
  • Has lakeside counter service adjacent to La Hacienda de Angel
  • It offers quick service Mexican cuisine that is affordable with a wide range of dishes (beef topped cheesy nachos to mango paletas) and drinks (exotic fruit margaritas to Mexican draft beer)
  • It is a nice shaded place to sit outside and enjoy the amazing lagoon view of EPCOT World Showcase architecture
  • Some dining plans accepted
  • Lunch and Dinner service
  • Cost: $
  • Click here for menu

Cantina San Angel Mexico

La Cava del Tequila (ThemePark Hipster’s favorite)

  • By its name along should tell you the kind of fun you will be in for
  • If you love tequila galore, dark caves, and the famous mouse, then you must spend at least an hour in the cave soaking up the sweet nectars of the agave plant and great conversation with your party or even the wonderfully, engaging cast members.
  • Was named one of the ten best tequila bars in the U.S (2013)
  • You can view the artistic history of Tequila making throughout the cavernous walls
  • Offers over 100 Tequilas to choose from (includes blanco’s, reposados, and anejos) with specialty mixed drinks
  • Can’t decide??? Then take a Tequila flight…the best way to enjoy your Mexican adventure in the cave 🙂
  • La Cava del Tequila also serves light snacks (tapas style) to soak up the intoxicating juices
  • Dining plans not accepted
  • Open during lunch and dinner hours
  • Cost: $
  • Click here for menu
  • This place is worthy of its own blog post!

If tequila isn’t your thing, then hop upon the slow river voyage with The Three Caballeros (formerly El Rio Del Tiempo) which will take you back in time linking the old EPCOT with the EPCOT of today. Follow Donald, Jose, and Panchito on their crazy journey while viewing the amazing sights of Mexico. I’ve come to appreciate attractions like this because they keep a piece of my childhood alive by reminding me of my early visits into this magical world. Plus it’s a great attraction for us Hipsters who may need to rest our feet and escape from the beaming Florida sun.

Gran Fiesta Tour Epcot Mexico


  • Aresanias Mexicans– Pottery and decorative gifts
  • El Ranchito Del Norte–  Apparel, accessories, and toys
  • La Pincesa de Cristal– Art, collectibles, camera, and media
  • Plaza de Los Amigos– Sombreros, piñatas, house ware, tequila and more!

Plaza de los Amigos Epcot Mexico 2013

Fun Facts

  • Panchito is the only Mexican character of the Three Caballeros. Donald is a US citizen and Jose is Brazilian.
  • Originally opened on October 1, 1982
  • The pavilion is derived from the influence of Mexican pre-Columbian civilizations- the Mayan, the Toltec, and the Aztec
  • The Plaza de los Amigos marketplace was placed in a nighttime setting to give an authentic atmosphere more like the real Mexican marketplace
  • El Rio del Tiempo the River of Time boat ride closed in January of 2007 and was reopened as the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros in April 2007

Mexico Pavillion Epcot 2013

Top Tips for EPCOT Mexico Pavilion

  • On a hidden Mickey journey??? Then look for three drums cleverly put together on a small boat towards the end of the Gran Fiesta ride on the left. You may also find one while looking at the volcanic smoke in the Plaza de los Amigos.
  • The best time of day to explore the pavilion is right at 11am. It’s quiet and you’ll be able to notice a variety of things that you may have otherwise passed over in the crowd.

Mexico Pavillion Epcot 2013

What I’ve learned in touring World Showcase is to really immerse yourself into the countries there. Learn the hidden secrets, explore the crevices that are too often ignored, and embrace yourself in the culture presented to you. Until our next adventure, post your own stories and have fun ThemePark hopping!





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