Let’s Tour the Epcot Mexico Pavilion (World Showcase Complete Guide)

Hola, Amigos! Are you ready to go a full tour of the Epcot Mexico pavilion?

Let’s take a trip to the beautifully diverse country of Mexico, but we won’t be leaving Florida for this visit. Epcot will teleport us to the mystical mountainous country by the imaginative magic of Walt Disney.

Here you can hear the mariachi band performing in the background, taste exquisite food that will allure your taste buds, and sip on tantalizing tequila.

Plus, you’ll have a watery adventure with the Three Caballeros in the twilight of the Plaza de los Amigos.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion Pyramid View

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The Mexico Pavilion is one of the few countries in World Showcase with diverse restaurants that can fit the budget of any Disney guest.

Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT Center at the Walt Disney 1983 World Resort Orlando, Florida.
Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT Center at the Walt Disney 1983 World Resort Orlando, Florida. Photo Credit: Florida Memory.

Epcot has always been a place of discovery with ideas and the people around the world that would takes us through technologies and the Mexico pavilion is no exception.

Imagineers turned to the pre-Colombian civilizations like the:

  • Mayan
  • Toltec
  • Aztec

The famous pyramid you see in the Mexico pavilion was inspired by the 3rd century Mesoamerican architecture.

View looking toward the Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT Center at the Walt Disney World Resort 1982 in Orlando, Florida
View looking toward the Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT Center at the Walt Disney World Resort 1982 in Orlando, Florida. Photo Credit: Florida Memory

What started off as a focus on Spanish colonial influence, quickly evolved into one of a more diverse Mexican history thanks to the advice of foreign exchange students and the Ambassador of Mexico.


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Rides, Attractions, and Entertainment

In this Epcot pavilion, you’ll find only one attraction that’s an official ride, Gran Fiesta Tour. However, there are so many fun and awe-inspiring activities to participate in.

Gran Fiesta Tour

Although it has been rumored that this attraction will be completely redone and rethought, at the moment it’s home to a slow-moving “Gran Fiesta Tour with the Three Caballeros” boat ride.

Gran Fiesta Tour Epcot Mexico Three Cabelleros

This river voyage was formerly known as El Rio Del Tiempo which will take you back in time linking the old Epcot with the Epcot of today.

On this fun ride you get to follow Donald, Jose, and Panchito on their crazy journey while viewing the amazing sights of Mexico.

I’ve come to appreciate attractions like this because they keep a piece of my childhood alive by reminding me of my early visits into this magical world. P

Pyramid at Disney Epcot

lus, it’s a great attraction for us Hipsters who may need to rest our feet and escape from the beaming Florida sun.

Mariachi Cobre

Outside of the temple, you’ll oftentimes find the high energy mariachi band that gives this pavilion an exciting atmosphere.

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Festival Show in Mexico Mexico Pavilion Mariachi Cobre at Epcot

You’ll also hear the tale of Miguel Rivera and his familia that’s inspired by the film CoCo.

The Plaza de los Amigo

Plaza de los Amigos means Plaza of the Friends which is an open air market that will welcome you under the twilight adventure of a vibrant Mexican marketplace.

Plaza de los Amigos Epcot Mexico. Twilight Shopping Village. Epcot Hidden Secrets. Shopping in Mexico.
Plaza de los Amigos Epcot Mexico

Although it’s a shopping experience, it feels like an attraction in itself.

Meet Donald Duck

This is where fan favorite “Mexico Donald” hangs out. Donned in a sombrero and serape, you can catch Mexico Donald just past the temple on the left-hand side meeting and greeting guests.

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Let’s take tour through the tasty options that you’ll get to try in the Epcot Mexico pavilion.

San Angel Inn

The San Angel Inn Restaurante is based on the 17th-century hacienda near the Mayan ruins. It’s a charming establishment that is named and modeled after the famous Mexico City hacienda that dates back to 1692.

San Angel Inn Restaurant Mexico Epcot under the twilight night.

Its claim to fame is dining under the “perpetual” twilight sky in Mexico City. The soft lighting provides a romantic atmosphere for couples who want to escape the busy theme park.


Here you can enjoy classic Mexican dishes such as tortilla soup topped with avocado, cheese and tortilla strips and unique sauces such as chipotle pepper, handcrafted premium Margaritas, chocolaty mole and green tomatillo.

Travel Insurance for Disney

You can enjoy these foodie options all of the while sitting near the majestic river watching the drifting river boat of the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros.

Review the full menu here.

La Hacienda de Angel

Hacienda de San Angel allows you to enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine overlooking the beautiful World Showcase lagoon.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion La Hacienda San Angel Entrance


Here you can eat savory dishes such as Flautas, Queso Fundido, Crema de Elote (Cream Corn Soup with spicy Tortilla Strips and Mexican Sour Cream ), Chile Relleno con Camarón (Shrimp and Rice-stuffed Poblano Pepper in a Ranchera Sauce topped with Cotija Cheese) and so much more!

You can get the full menu here.

La Cantina de San Angel

The first stop on your tour around the World at Epcot…

… that’s if your excursion starts in Mexico 🙂

Epcot Mexico Pavilion La Cantina Entrance

La Cantina de San Angel is a quick service dining location adjacent to La Hacienda de Angel. At this location, you’ll be able to enjoy your Mexican meal outside under a covered canopy overlooking the lagoon.


Here you’ll savor favorites such as churros, tacos de barbacoa, empanadas con queso and guacamole, margaritas, Mexican beer and traditional fruit popsicles.

All within an affordable price range…

… at least affordable in Disney terms.

You can get the full menu here.

La Cava del Tequila

By its name along should tell you the kind of fun you will be in for…

La Cava del Tequila is one of my absolute favorite places to hangout in Epcot. Although it has become quite popular over the last few years, it still remains one of the top things you MUST DO at Epcot.

La Cava del Tequila Bar Area with Mixologist

If you love tequila galore, dark caves, and the famous mouse, then you must spend at least an hour in the cave soaking up the sweet nectars of the agave plant and great conversation with your party or even the wonderfully, engaging cast members.

Here you can view the artistic history of Tequila making throughout the cavernous walls.


In the dimly lit Mexican cavern, you can enjoy over 200 tequilas and many unique margarita drinks made specifically for Epcot guests.

Tequila Flight in Disney
Tequila Flight in Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

If you can’t decide, then take a Tequila flight! It’s the best way to enjoy your Mexican adventure in the cave 🙂

Here they offer light snacks (tapas style) such as guacamole and queso with corn chips. Plus, the incredible margaritas are made-to-order!

It’s a great way for you to to soak up the intoxicating juices of the agave plant.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion Sangria at La Cava del Tequlia

Disney Dining Plans are not accepted and this location is open during lunch and dinner hours.

You can get the full menu here.

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Choza de Margarita

This is the newest dining location added to the Epcot Mexico Pavilion. It sits cozily next to the famous pyramid on the left hand side. Right across from La Cantina de San Angel.

The Best Sangria at Epcot. Pyramid at  Disney with Azetc writings.
Epcot Mexico Sangria

This is a good option for you if you want to avoid the long line for guests outside of of La Cava del Tequila.


Here you not only get to choose from about eight margaritas, you’ll also get to enjoy some delicious Mexican dishes. Options such as Nachos de Barbacoa, Tostada de Pollo and Empanada de Barbacoa are just a few choices.

You can get the full menu here.

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In addition to the Plaza de Los Amigos or “outdoor market” style shopping available inside the pyramid (like La Tienda Encantada), there are also a couple more, albiet limited, stands outside as well such as El Ranchito del Norte.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion steps

La Princesa de Cristal

This shop is another option for you that carries jewelry, tiaras, and crystal figures and also known in their Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom locations, the Arribas Brothers shop.

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8 Epcot Mexico Pavilion Fun Facts

  1. The beginning scences of the Gran Fiesta Tour are remninscent to the ones in Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland
  2. “it’s a small world” inspired the Dia de los Muertos scene (Mexican Day of the Dead) with the colorful characters
  3. Panchito is the only Mexican character of the Three Caballeros. Donald is a US citizen and Jose is Brazilian.
  4. The Epcot Mexico Pavilion Originally opened on October 1, 1982
  5. The pavilion is derived from the influence of Mexican pre-Columbian civilizations- the Mayan, the Toltec, and the Aztec
  6. The Plaza de los Amigos marketplace was placed in a nighttime setting to give an authentic atmosphere more like the real Mexican marketplace
  7. El Rio del Tiempo the River of Time boat ride closed in January of 2007 and was reopened as the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros in April 2007
  8. La Cava del Tequila Was named one of the ten best tequila bars in the U.S (2013)

4 Top Tips for Visiting the Epcot Mexico Pavilion

Mexico Pavilion opening ceremony
Mexico Pavilion opening ceremony

Before you start your Mexican tour, let’s go over a few tips to help your trip.

1 – Search for hidden Mickeys

On a hidden Mickey journey?

If so, look for three drums cleverly put together on a small boat towards the end of the Gran Fiesta ride on the left. You may also find one while looking at the volcanic smoke in the Plaza de los Amigos.

2 – Visit at the best time

The best time of day to explore the pavilion is right at 11 a.m. It’s quiet and you’ll be able to notice a variety of things that you may have otherwise passed over in the crowd.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion with NikkyJ of ThemeParkHipster

3 – Get your Tequila early

As mentioned earlier, La Cava del Tequila is a popular destination and a must do experience at Epcot. It’s a small cave like area that can only fit a small amount of people.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion La Cava del Tequila Opening Hours sign

This means that every seat is highly coveted. Even if you want to skip the sit down part, getting there early to grab a drink to-go is still my top tip for this location.

4 – Book your dining reservations early

If you really want to make your Disney inspired Mexican tour complete, then I recommend booking your San Angel Inn and La Hacienda de Angel dining reservations early.

Avocado Margarita at Epcot Mexico Restaurant
Avocado Margarita

On busy Epcot days, getting a spot can be quite difficult.

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Final Thoughts

Arguably, Mexico is the best country pavilion for a completely immersive cultural experience. Because much of this pavilion is located inside, within a Mayan temple to be exact, it transports you to this beautiful country and is a good way to beat the Florida heat.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion Ancient Mexican statue among shrubbery

It has and will always remain a Disney fan favorite at Epcot.

What I’ve learned in touring World Showcase is to really immerse yourself into the countries there. Learn the hidden secrets, explore the crevices that are too often ignored, and embrace yourself in the culture presented to you.

Epcot Mexico Pavilion tour and guide with pyramid in the background
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What’s your favorite Epcot pavilion? Let us know in the comments section below.


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