Fall in LOVE with the Mariachi Cobre Band at Epcot

Are you ready to get lost in the music of Mexico with the Mariachi Cobre band at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

If you are, then you’re going to be in for a real treat as you bask in the traditions of the band originally formed in 1971.

You can catch this daily lineup at Epcot, as the Mariachi Cobre are one of the few entertainment features at the park that has been around since the 1980’s. The early days of Epcot.

They’ve also had moments of sharing the stage with great musicians, such as Carlos Santana!

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Epcot Mexico Pavilion Pyramid View
Mexico Pavilion

What is the Mariachi Cobre at Disney?

The Mariachi Cobre consists of a traditional 12 piece Mexican mariachi band. It’s a 25-minute performance that’s played out in front of the Maya pyramid of the Mexico pavilion at Epcot theme park.

The Mariachi Band         

This band is filled with the world famous traditional folk music from Jalisco, Mexico. The ensemble also includes 3 guitarists, 12 trumpet players, and 7 violinists that will take you into their own culture, while being in the charm and magic of Walt Disney World.

Mariachi Cobre Band at Epcot with Violins and Guitar

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5 Easy Tips to Remember for Watching the Mariachi Cobre at Epcot

Let’s go through a few strategies to help you enjoy your experience watching this one-of-a-kind Mexican band.

  1. Check the my Disney Experience app for the times of the show.
  2. Don’t miss out on the story of Coco (the hit Disney movie), which can be at select times throughout the day.
  3. Grab a margarita first from LaCava Del tequila before you arrived to the show, that way you can enjoy a drink and a live band, encompassing that whole magic of Mexico.
  4. Participate and dance to the music. Let the musicians know that you are enjoying what they have to offer. Even if you don’t understand the Spanish language and some of the songs, just enjoy it because you will not going to be able to stand still even if you tried. It’s just that great of a performance.
  5. Please note that the show is temporarily located on the stage at the American Pavilion to help promote physical distancing

Final Thoughts

Not only is the Mariachi Cobre a cultural tradition, but it’s one of the few experiences left from the early days of the Epcot theme park.

Mexico Pavilion opening ceremony
Mexico Pavilion opening ceremony

This adventure is not only enticing for your solo trip, but it’s recommended for anyone who’s coming to this Disney park.

I highly suggest making time to watch the Mariachi Cobre on your trip to Epcot, especially if you’re trying to drink and eat your way around the world.

Mariachi Cobre Band at Epcot
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Most likely your first stop will be in the Mexico pavilion, which is a great way to start your World Showcase journey.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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(Original Article Date: April 28, 2015/Updated July 26, 2020)

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