Cedar Point Nights Lake Erie Luau Guide: Food, Fun, Tickets and more!

Ready to party it up at Cedar Point Nights and have a delicious feast at the Lake Erie Luau?

Summer is, unfortunately coming to an end.

As some of us are all winding down and getting ready for one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, some of us aren’t quite ready to say goodbye yet!

For those who want to get one last sun filled event in, you are definitely going to need to visit cedar point nights and their Lake Erie Luau.

I was invited to attend the family fun filled evening and while I didn’t have much as far as expectations, it was absolutely a relaxing and fun time.

Let’s dive into what exactly the event is and what’s in store for you when you come!

To start, what is this Cedar Point event?

Cedar Point Red Maverick Roller Coaster

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What is Cedar Point Nights?

Cedar Point Nights is the park’s nightly summer event located on the beach nearby! Their motto is “The fun goes up when the sun goes down!”

Cedar Point 150 Anniversary with Victoria Wade

The event ties into the park’s own lore. Centered around the Fitzgerald family, the story goes that the family has spent their summers soaking up some rays and catching some waves at the historic Hotel Breakers, which has been a luxurious Lake Erie shored resort for visitors since 1095.

Cedar Point Nights with Victoria Wade in front of Hotel Breakers

They are the hosts of the party and are inviting you to join them!

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau berry parfait next to entrance and menu

The timing could not be more perfect as the park has recently announced they are building an entirely new area near the boardwalk with new rides, entertainment, dining, shopping and more coming in 2023.

What are the Cedar Point Nights Dates?

Now until August 21st, you can experience this beachside bash for yourself from 7 p.m.-11 p.m.

Cedar Point Gatekeeper Roller Coaster

I would highly recommend grabbing the Cedar Point Nights Bundle for $69.99 and making it a weekend visit.

Cedar Point Nights Merchandise Bundle and Large Chair in front of Hotel Breakers

It includes admission, parking and 5 Sand Dollars to use in order to sample the Lake Erie Luau offerings. I will get into all of that in a moment.

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What are Sand Dollars at Cedar Point Nights?

Sand Dollars are the official currency of this Cedar Point event.

While the event does have free activities, some of the activities and games require that you purchase sand dollars to participate and play.

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Sand Dollars
Sand Dollars

In order to try out the yummy goodness at Lake Erie Luau, purchasing these will be required.

Cedar Point Nights Lake Erie Luau Menu end entrance

Fortunately, Cedar Point made several bundles so you can make it easier to enjoy and eat everything.

Cedar Point Sand Dollars Pricing:

The park currently offers:

  • 5 Sand Dollars for $27
  • 8 Sand Dollars for $40
  • 15 Sand Dollars for $72 (this is the best value available)

They can be purchased inside the Lakeside Pavilion and can’t be used at the nearby Sand Bar.

What is Included in Your Cedar Point Nights: Lake Erie Luau?

Now that you know what to expect at this Cedar Point nighttime experience, let’s discuss what you can enjoy during your stay!

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau

The Lake Erie Luau is included but asI mentioned, Sand Dollars are required to use it and I will dive into that next.

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Cedar Point Nights: Game Play

It wouldn’t be a boardwalk without a “Winner every time” games all throughout, as well as beach volleyball and other fun activities for visitors to partake in.

Cedar Point Sunrise over Lake Eerie and Hotel Breakers

It costs 2 Sand Dollars to play each game. They have basketball on the beach, Glow Ring Toss, Ring Around the Seagull inside the Lake Erie Luau along with the prize wheel!

The free games and activities include Beach Cornhole, a kids seashell dig and a very special game based around the Fitzgerald family called “The Fitzgerald Family Capsule Quest.”

You will help the family in an interactive adventure game by finding clues along the beach and boardwalk.

Cedar Point Sunrise over Lake Eerie with Windseeker
Cedar Point Sunrise Over Lake Eerie with Windseeker Ride

At the end, you may find some buried treasure! I played during the evening and it’s a great way to see everything in the area!

Cedar Point Beach at Night with Boardwalk Fun

You’ll happy to know that everything else is free for all!

Adults can grab a drink and enjoy the beach views at the Sand Bar. They have amazing local live musical acts like the Toes in the Sand Band to keep you entertained.

Toes in the sand at Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Firepit

I passed by and they had an all women group singing songs such as “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse.

But if you want to stay on the beach itself, you can find DJ Alex Fitzgerald at the Beach Dance party!

Cedar Point Sunrising over Lake Eerie (4)

He played a great mix of genres and kept the kids and adults on their feet with Zumba and party games like limbo!

Cedar Point Nights: Glow Party

Nearby is the Cedar Point glow party lounge! You can sit back and relax with your drinks on the beach while sitting on huge glow cubes!

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Chicken and pepper skewers

If you want to get a bit of space from the party, they have lounge chairs and fire pits along the Cedar Point beach to keep you warm and toasty.

Now what I did find as a good investment, especially if you plan on coming a bit earlier before the festivities begin, is the private beach bungalows!

Cedar Point Opt in Lead Magnet Blog Banner

Cedar Point Beach at Night: Private Beach Bungalows

You can reserve ahead of time or check upon arrival for day of availability. Located right next to the Sand Bar, you can relax in a shaded cabana that has room for up to eight guests.

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party Cabana in front of Hotel Breakers

It comes with a fire pit, lounge chairs and couches, service from the Sand Bar so you don’t have to even get up, 20 sand dollars and glow souvenirs to take home.

I will say that it’s a little bit of a walk from everything so keep that in mind. If you can catch a boardwalk cruiser, that is also included with your private bungalow too, then do that to help with the walk.

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Boardwalk Area

Check in is at the beach rental stand in next to the Sand Bar and I was given a great view of some of the park and the Cedar Point beach at night!

Cedar Point Nights Merchandise

Lastly, they have some very cute merchandise to take home with you. I thought they were perfect to remember the way you ended your summer at Cedar Point!

Cedar Point Nights Merchandise Bundle and Large Chair in front of Hotel Breakers

They have a bundle for the event at $19.99 and I decided that was the best way to go.

You get a T-shirt and button with it and if I’m honest, when it comes to limited time events like this, that’s usually what I’m grabbing anyway, so it’s a good deal!

They do have additional items like bubble wands and more that you can buy as well.

Cedar Point Events: Lake Erie Luau

Now its time to get into the nitty gritty of the event and that’s the food!

Feature Image Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau with Victoria Wade

Cedar Point has put their own spin on a Polynesian luau featuring regular food you would find at a luau with a Great Lakes inspired vibe!

What time does the Cedar Point Lake Erie Luau start?

The luau is located in the Lakeside Pavilion and opens one hour before the entire event starts from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Also, the drink and dessert station stays open until 11 p.m.

Cedar Point Sunrising over Gatekeeper Roller Coaster Entrance

They have 4 dinner stations where each food item is 1 Sand Dollar and includes a soft drink while the luau bar and dessert stations serve up some yummy goodness too!

Best Food at the Cedar Point Lake Eerie Luau:

Now let’s go over my food review of the luau!

Pineapple and Teriyaki Chicken Skewer

I tried out the Pineapple and Teriyaki Chicken Skewer, which I found okay but needed a bit more seasoning.

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Pepper and Chicken skewers
Caribbean Style Jerk Chicken

The Caribbean Style Jerk Chicken was absolutely full of flavor and delicious. It was topped with some pineapple salsa which made me go back for more!

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Jerk Chicken
Herb Butter Brushed Corn on the Cob

The Herb Butter Brushed Corn on the Cob was calling my name too and it was topped with butter and Parmesan cheese. It was simply mouth watering and i got a second helping.

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau entrance next to yellow Corn on the Cob topped with Parmesan
Yellow Perch Street Taco

The fried Yellow Perch Street Taco was delectable but my only complaint was that the bones were still in the fish.

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Fried Fish on Pita bread topped with cole slaw

I’m personally not a big fan of bones being in my fish, but otherwise the flavors were lovely with the coleslaw on top. While I’m not normally a fan of coleslaw, it complimented the dish nicely.

Chicken Tenders, Macaroni Salad, and Rolls…oh my!

My friends tried the Chicken Tenders, which were very juicy and crispy, the macaroni salad which i thought was a good sized portion and absolutely yummy.

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Chicken Tenders and Sand Dollars

I took a bite of my friend’s and quickly grabbed my own helping. The sweet bread roll reminded me of a Hawaiian roll but it was still very good.

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Macaroni Salad on bread

The sand dollar pricing for the Lake Eerie Luau drink and dessert stations are as follows:

  • Summer Cooler Bags with Glow Cube: 3 Sand Dollars
  • Blue Riptide Fish Bowl with Glow Cube Specialty Drink: 2 Sand Dollars
  • Beer: 2 Sand Dollars
  • Wine: 2 Sand Dollars for wine
  • Boardwalk Beer Bike: 2 Sand Dollars
  • Dessert Station: 1 Sand Dollar per Dessert

Sadly, I was unable to try the drinks as I was driving back home that evening and safety is ALWAYS first. I did ask around and guests absolutely raved about the Fish Bowl!

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Beer

Here is a look at the drink and dessert options so you can see what you would like to try!

As far as desserts, let me tell you how I am still drooling 3 days later about that Pineapple and Coconut cheesecake bar!

Cedar Point Nights Beach Party and Lake Erie Luau Berry Parfait topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips next to spongy yellow cake on orange plate

It wasn’t a lot of coconut and the pineapple wasn’t overpowering the flavors at all! The summer berry parfait was a miss for me which sucks because I’m OBSESSED with parfaits.

Last call for these stations is at 10:30 p.m. so don’t miss it!

My Final Thoughts on Cedar Point Nights

I genuinely had such a relaxing and fun time at this event. It was full of fun games and activities, photo-ops, fantastic food and drink options, musical and acrobatic acts and more!

Cedar Point 150 Anniversary with Victoria Wade

I personally am planning to come back one more time before the events ends on August 21st.

Cedar Point continues to show that you should come for the record-breaking coasters, but stay for the nighttime specialty events that are fun for all types of families!

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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