Omg! 5 Breakfast Dishes at Disneyland That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you in search of the best breakfast at Disneyland to start your theme park day off right?

Science has always told us that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Disney lovers know that especially applies to Disney food.

Having breakfast on the property is always a must-do at least once during a trip, whether it’s character dining or you just want to sink your teeth into some fluffy Mickey-shaped waffles.

Disneyland is known to have some of the best around in terms of Disney food.

They have so many delectable things to try in some places you may not have even considered walking into through during your visit.

Fortunately, I have taken up the charge and am happy to share 5 of the best breakfast food at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure you must try.

I will include location, price, what’s included in the dish, and why it’s a must-try. These are also listed in no particular order.

Disneyland Resort Mickey Mouse in Disney 100 Anniversary Outfit next to Victoria Wade

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1. Breakfast Chimichanga (Ship to Shore Marketplace)

This first breakfast item can be found at the Ship to Shore Marketplace in Frontierland.

From the outside, it looks like a grab-and-go spot, but it’s here where you will find one of the most filling grab-and-go items as you race to your next attraction.

Why We Love This as The Best Breakfast at Disneyland

The Breakfast Chimichanga dish is a delectable combination of eggs, cheese, and breakfast sausage, deep-fried in a tortilla.

It can be a bit on the greasy side but packs a punch with flavor and crunchy goodness.

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It’s great to grab on the go and eat and it’s affordable at only $6.99. And most recently the Breakfast Chimichanga was made available for mobile order!

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The portion size is just enough to keep you going through the morning. Breakfast runs from when the park opens to 11 a.m. for this location.

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2. Brioche French Toast (GCH Craftsman Grill)

This yummy breakfast dish is located at GCH Craftsman Grill, located within the spectacularly beautiful Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa.

Disneyland's GCH Craftsman Bar at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa where you can get the Brioche French Toast. Keep reading to learn more about Disneyland breakfast
Disneyland’s GCH Craftsman Bar at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
(Photo Courtesy of Disneyland Resort via Joshua Sudock)

Breakfast here runs from 6:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., which works great if you are an early riser or hotel guest/ visitor.

This dish is available for mobile order as well.

Why We Love This as The Best Breakfast at Disneyland

The Brioche French Toast entree comes with fruity berry compote, and sweet chantilly cream, and is topped with powdered sugar. The brioche is thickly sliced and features vanilla-sweetened mascarpone.

Brioche French Toast topped with powdered sugar. Keep reading to learn more about best things to eat at Disneyland.

At $21, you get a big-sized portion and it’s perfect for those who have a sweet tooth early in the morning.

That much sugar will certainly get you going!

3. Breakfast Skillet (Carnation Cafe on Main Street USA)

If you find yourself at Carnation Cafe on Main Street USA, between the park opening and 11 a.m., you’ll find a few affordable breakfast options.

Carnation Cafe on Main Street USA in Disneyland, decorated for Halloween with autumn leaves and pumpkin Mickey Mouse head. Keep reading to find out more about best things to eat at Disneyland.
Carnation Cafe on Main Street USA in Disneyland, decorated for Halloween
Photo Courtesy of Flickr (via Mignon Pelletier)

However, if you want to get filled up and ready to go for your full park day, there’s one dish you’ll want to try.

Breakfast at Carnation Cafe in Disneyland. Keep reading discover more about the best food at Disneyland.
Breakfast at Carnation Cafe in Disneyland (Photo Courtesy of Flickr via Loren Javier)

Most Disney fans may think I’m talking about Walt’s Chili Cheese Omelet. But some may find chili that early in the morning a recipe for how to hit the toilet multiple times during the day or indigestion.

Let’s keep it simple with the Breakfast Skillet at $18!

Why We Love This as The Best Breakfast at Disneyland

This hearty dish contains 3 cheese eggs, breakfast potatoes, chopped applewood smoked bacon, sliced sausage, and shredded cheese with fresh tomato garnish.

Mickey Waffle Breakfast with eggs and a side of bacon. Keep reading to find out more about the Disneyland food.

With this, what you see is what you get. The portion size is good and can possibly be shared with another party member.

It could possibly be a bit heavy but overall doesn’t miss with flavor!

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4. Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich (Red Rose Taverne)

I find that many people don’t really pop into the Red Rose Taverne for breakfast and they are missing out on some yummy breakfast options.

Red Rose Tavern at  Disneyland with outdoor seating and decorative plants. Keep reading to learn more about the best food at Disneyland.
Photo Courtesy of Flickr via Jeremy Thompson

Hidden away towards the back of Fantasyland, you’ll find the Beauty and the Beast-themed quick-service restaurant.

Between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., shorter hours than the others comparably, you’ll certainly find some yummy food! But you will also find the Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich for $10.99.

Why We Love This as The Best Breakfast at Disneyland

The Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich is another on-the-go scrumptious item that you can mobile order.

You can expect an herb blend and creme fraiche egg, maple butter spread, muenster, and crispy bacon on a toasted bun.

Overall, it’s a very and truly gourmet experience which is surprising to find an on-the-go type of dish.

I would personally say take your time and enjoy this dish in the outdoor seating and get the Fantasyland vibes. One would think Gaston would approve for sure!

5. Calculated Breakfast or E=2+(B+P)/T

Rounding out our delightful list of Disneyland breakfast dishes can be found inside the adventurous and thrilling Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park.

Once you find a dining spot with great views of the campus, you can have an action-packed show with your breakfast.

You can choose between some larger-than-life options to dine on before exploring.

Pym Test Kitchen sign surrounded by lots of green foliage at Disney California Adventure. Keep reading discover more about the best breakfast at Disneyland.
Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Jeremy Thompson

Pym’s Test Kitchen is smack dab in the middle of the campus and open from 8 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., so slightly shortened hours, mainly to prep for the busy lunch hours.

Why We Love This as The Best Breakfast at Disneyland

The Calculated Breakfast comes with your eggs in two different ways along with smoked bacon, crispy potato bites, a quail egg, and Focaccia Toast.

The Calculated Breakfast of eggs, bacon, potato bites, quail egg and focaccia toast at Pym Test Kitchen in Avengers Campus. Keep reading discover more about Disneyland breakfast.
Photo Courtesy of Disney Co.

It’s fairly straightforward but the focaccia toast is absolutely amazing and the true star of the dish as a whole, packing a flavorful and delightful punch.

Although it may seem small it is quite filling and affordable at $10.99. It is not overly complicated, simplistic, and affordable.

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Plus, you can’t beat the views of the campus and stunt show while you dine.

My Final Thoughts on the Best Disneyland Breakfast

I think a misconception when it comes to Disney dining is that it’s overpriced and that you have to book a reservation in advance.

Which in some cases can be true, BUT you can also find the best bang for your buck and truly enjoy a great meal.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Napa Rose Restaurant

Our list shows great examples of meals of all varieties that are affordable, delicious, and enjoyable.

I hope you have found at least one item to add to your must-do list for your next visit at Disneyland!

5 Best Places to Get Breakfast at Disneyland
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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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