Where to Find Electric Car Charging Stations at Disney World?

Question of the week: Where are Disney’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations?

If you’re a Disney guest with an environmentally friendly vehicle, then you’ll be happy to know that there are electric car charging stations at Disney World.

Disney has ChargePoint charging stations located throughout the Resort in the parking lots of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and Disney Springs.

electric charging stations at Disney

All you have to do is ask a Cast Member at the parking gate for directions to these charge ports.

The charging stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Disney World

If you plan on using the charging stations at Walt Disney World, then your fee will depend on the length of time you will be charging your vehicle and how fast you will be charging it.

Magic Kingdom Electric Car Charging Stations

  • 5 spaces: 1 space at the front of the Jafar Parking Lot and 4 spaces at the front of the Zurg Parking Lot

Epcot Electric Car Charging Stations

  • 4 spaces at the front of the Journey Parking Lot

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park Electric Car Charging Stations

  • 4 spaces in the Medical Parking Lot

Disney Springs Electric Car Charging Stations

  • 6 spaces: 3 on the 5th floor of the Orange Garage and 3 on the 5th floor of the Lime Garage

Hollywood Studios Electric Car Charging Stations

  • 4 spaces close to the security check point at Hollywood Studios

You can view all the electric vehicle parking stations throughout Walt Disney World Resort here!

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How to use the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Disney World?

There are multiple ChargePoint stations beyond the Disney Parks and throughout the Disney area hotels.

You can use the ChargePoint app to see if there are any open charging stations before you go through the park gates.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Disney World

 In order to use these stations, you have to:

  1. Download the ChargePoint app
  2. Enter a credit card (or you can pre-ordered ChargePoint card)
  3. Tap your phone or ChargePoint card to the reader
  4. The charging cable will unlock
  5. Connect charging cable your electric vehicle (please note that your car may need a special adaptor to connect the cable)
  6. Head into the park and enjoy your day!
  7. Once your vehicle is fully charged, you will get a “ping” to let you know that your car is ready
  8. That’s it!

Hipster Power Tip: If you have a Tesla, then you’ll need a special adaptor port for Disney.

You can get your own Tesla trip planner here.

electric charging stations at Disney

How much does it cost to use the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Disney?

The cost is $0.35 per kilowatt hour. A minimum service amount of $1.50 is required. Charging will stop once your vehicle’s battery is fully charged.

electric charging stations at Disney

Disney World Parking Secrets and Tips for Your Electric Car

  • Beware that you may be parked longer than needed for charging your car if you plan on having a full day at the park
  • The ChargePoint stations have a slow charging speed around 25 miles of range every hour
  • Use a power charging station before you get to the parks to save charging time if you have something like a Tesla
  • Move your car from the charging space as soon as it is fully charged to give someone else the opportunity to charge — it’s just a courtesy to your fellow Disney peeps
  • Remember that using the charge stations will mean that you’ll have to go back to the car lot to remove your vehicle
  • Have the ChargePoint app downloaded to check space availability at the parks
  • You will pay the standard Disney World parking fees to enter the EV charging stations

Hipster Power Tip: Annual Passholders can still take advantage of their free parking perk while using EV charging stations. However, you will have to pay the EV charging fees mentioned earlier in this article.

Final Thoughts on Electric Car Charging Stations at Disney

I hope I was able to help you understanding the pros and cons of using the charging stations at Disney World for your next trip.

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(Original date April 2018/Updated July 2019)

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4 thoughts on “Where to Find Electric Car Charging Stations at Disney World?”

  1. Hi! New to the world of EVs, but not to Disney 🙂 My question is, once you finish charging and go out to move your vehicle from the charging station, where do you then park? Are there spots near the caharging Stations? Do you have to circle the parking lot to find an empty spot? Go to the back of the parking line? Thanks!

    • Hi!

      At this time, if you did choose to go back to your vehicle to move it, you could ask a Cast Member if it was okay for you to park in an open space near the EV charging area.

      Most of the time, the parking lot begins to clear out so finding an empty space shouldn’t be hard.

      If it’s a busy day, they may make you go back to the start of the parking lot in order to keep things orderly. However, once you pay for a day of parking at Disney it’s good for the whole day so you will not have to pay again.


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