HIPSTER Drink of the Week at Todd English’s Bluezoo

Serenity at Todd English's Bluezoo Lounge
Serenity at Todd English’s Bluezoo Lounge

Happy Monday Hipsters!

ThemeParkHipster.com drink of the week is called the Serenity from Todd English’s Bluezoo Restaurant at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel. I must say that this restaurant houses some of the best mixologists who take their craft seriously.

Now back to the drink…the Serenity is refreshingly exquisite with potency that will have you enjoying Walt Disney World a whole lot better. Take a delectable ride with a perfect mixture of Square One Cucumber vodka, the ooh so favorite St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, muddled strawberries, fresh basil/rosemary, and a splash of lime and pineapple juice. Doesn’t that sound good? Is your mouth watery yet…well if it is make sure that you try this drink or any of the skillfully crafted cocktails at Bluezoo.


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