Theme Park Therapy: The War Against Rejection

Rejection PicToday I wanted to bless you all with a bit of Theme Park Therapy for the soul. The concept of rejection can be suffocating and debilitating to most people.

The fear of rejection is ever so paralyzing too!

It prevents dreams from coming to fruition and world changing stories to be left untold. Technological advances are also destroyed before evening being built.

I go through rejection along with everyone in this world. It’s something inevitable throughout our journey. The key to not becoming the lifeless drone or faceless person in the gravest is to use the entity of rejection and roll it into a brand new OPPORTUNITY for your life.

Do not linger in the sadness of rejection. It can only keep you away from accomplishing your goals and purposes of life. The power of turning such negative energy into one of positive delight is tough, but I’d rather try hard at something great than to be sucked into the retched tornado of rejection due to my lack of emotional effort.

Many times rejection is a missed opportunity for something or someone not destined to be a part of your life. So be okay with receiving the word “NO” and making your own “YES” story.

I hope this edition of Theme Park Therapy helped you all as much as it has helped me.

Until next time, live free Hipsters!



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