African-inspired Street Food Arrives at Harambe Market in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The much-anticipated Harambe Market has finally opened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This African-inspired street food marketplace makes it known that food plays the starring role. The Market offers four distinct walk-up windows with 200 + shaded seating.

The Harambe Market theme is built around a Colonial-era train depot design complete with a 1960s water tower. The goal of Disney was to re-create a bustling center of commerce where guests are welcomed from around the world. The little seaside town will allow Disney guests to immerse themselves into an eclectic culture with the ability to venture out to the reserve and observe Africa’s animals.

According to Disney Parks Blog, the marketplace is designed to offer guest the sort of food they would find on the street market scene of Eastern Africa. The unique menus are intended to reflect the personalities of the establishments’ owners.

Building Harambe Market at Disney’s Animal Kingdom | Walt Disney World

Kitamu Grill” offers skewered chicken and a kabob flatbread sandwich.

Beef Kabob Flatbread Photo: Inside the
Beef Kabob Flatbread
Photo: Inside the

Famous Sausages” features a corn dog, inspired by a South African sausage called a boerewors, dipped in curry-infused corn batter.

Curry Sausage Corn Dog Photo: The Disney Blog
Curry Sausage Corn Dog
Photo: The Disney Blog

Chef Mwanga’s” serves a spice-rubbed karubi rib with green papaya-carrot slaw.

Spice Rubbed Rib with Chick Pea Salad Photo: Inside the
Spice Rubbed Rib with Chick Pea Salad
Photo: Inside the

The fourth window, called Wanjohi Refreshments (“wanjohi” means “brewer” in Swahili), offers beverages including six South African wines by the glass; Safari Amber Lager and Orlando Brewing I-4 IPA on draft; red sangria with Van der Hum tangerine liqueur from South Africa and more.

Harambe Market Photo: Inside the
Harambe Market
Photo: Inside the

As of late Walt Disney World has not failed in the cuisine department. They truly do a wondrous job transforming stale, costly theme park food into competitive, savory choices that can stand alone with other great restaurants.

Harambe Market opening has caused quite a buzz in both the amusement park and foodie world.

So if any of you Hipsters have gone, I’d love for you to give us your own review of this new tantalizing adventure!

Until next time, Happy Globe Trotting Hipsters!


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