LEGOLAND Florida 2024 Guide: Tickets, Rides, Food and more!

Are you looking for the best things to do at LEGOLAND Florida this year?

I had the chance to visit for the very first time and was pleasantly surprised. So surprised in fact, I became an Annual Passholder!

LEGO has been a staple brand for almost 90 years. It has traditionally been introduced to us as a child, lighting the spark of imagination, innovation and technology in our young minds.

Today, I will be talking of one of the three located in the United States, LEGOLAND Florida. The other locations are LEGOLAND California and LEGOLAND New York.

LEGOLAND Florida, whiled aimed at families and children, has plenty to offer to big kid solo travelers like us!

I was invited to visit LEGOLAND Florida to tour the park. As always, opinions expressed in the article are my own. Please Enjoy!

Legoland Florida Cypress Garden Tribute. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

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Why We Love LEGO

Over the years, LEGO has grown into an amazing brand enjoyed by children and adults alike.

LEGO took things one step further when they partnered with Merlin Entertainment to open the very first LEGOLAND theme park located in Denmark.

Legoland Florida Park Entrance. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

Just in time to celebrate the park’s 11th Anniversary, let’s chat about what makes this park a great addition to a solo traveler’s theme park visit to Florida!

Where is LEGOLAND in Florida?

LEGOLAND Florida is located at One LEGOLAND Way Winter Haven, FL 33884 and is only a 45-minute drive from Disney World, 50 minutes from SeaWorld Orlando, and 60 minutes from Universal Studios Florida.

Legoland Florida Red Barn Lego Store. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

Affordability: Saving Money at LEGOLAND Florida

In the theme park capital that is Florida, you get used to high ticket prices to have a fun, theme park experience day.

These prices will make your jaw drop! When purchasing online, you get 10% off the gate price.

Legoland Florida Entrance. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

Price also depends on the day you visit but even then, prices are super affordable! These prices are also per person per day for any guest over 3 years old.

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How much is LEGOLAND Florida parking?

The price for parking changes up throughout the year, but you can currently pay $23.36 for standard parking at LEGOLAND if purchased in advanced.

Legoland Florida Pizza Restaurant. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

How much does LEGOLAND cost in Florida?

For a 1-day ticket to LEGOLAND starts at $199 (if you purchase at the gate). If you include the water park, it’s $139 at the gate.

Legoland Florida Carousel. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

The 3 park ticket is $184 at the gate and includes LEGOLAND, the water park and Peppa Pig Theme Park.

What about discount tickets to LEGOLAND Florida?

You’ll be happy to know that places like Groupon and CityPass Orlando offer discounts on LEGOLAND Florida thoughout the year.

Just get your tickets right away because these deals don’t last long!

LEGOLAND Florida Annual Pass

The park currently has annual passes for Florida residents and non-locals for affordable monthly costs ranging from $149.99 to $299.99!

Victoria Wade next to Star Wars Legos at Legoland Florida. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

Monthly payments for Florida locals start as low as $12.99 a month! But it’s not just tickets that make the parks so affordable for all!

Everything from dining to photos to parking for the day make it easier to budget for other things you want to spend your money on during your trip, like those super cool Lego sets!

Legoland Florida Albert Einstein Lego Head. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

You won’t want to miss out on the seasonal events like Brick or Treat and Holidays at LEGOLAND.

Legoland Florida Lego Factory. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

But let’s not waste time!

We simply have to discuss what you get with your visit to LEGOLAND FLORIDA and why it’s awesome!

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Attractions & Shows at LEGOLAND Florida

There is an extremely creative collection of rides, shows and entertainment at this park!

While the rides are made to be child friendly, there are still plenty that solo big kids can enjoy.

Based on my own experience as a first-time visitor, it was a lot of fun for me.

I will go through each area and highlight the attractions, shows and entertainment that are great for the big kids.

LEGO Technic

In LEGO Technic, there is the Aqua Zone Wave Racers that is perfect for the Florida humid and hot days.

You will race through the waves and water blasts, feel the wind and water in your hair and face, while having a super soaked time!

Legoland Florida Wave Racer. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

Technicycle puts you high in the air as you pedal fast to soar higher or enjoy a relaxing glide safely near the ground. It’s all up to you, how you want to take flight!

Legoland Florida Map. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!
LEGOLAND Florida Map

Get ready to take off on The Great Lego Race as you are put in an action-packed rally where the laws of physics are suggestions!

This ride features virtual reality headsets that are optional to wear.

LEGO Movie World

Moving on to probably my favorite land in LEGOLAND FLORIDA, LEGO Movie World , because you can step into the world of the hilarious and heartwarming film and explore.

Legoland Florida Lego Movie World. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

You can even meet the hero himself, Emmet. Everything truly is awesome in this land.

Legoland Florida Emmet’s Super Suite. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

Battle of Bricksburg puts you in a water ride where you will defend the city by spraying the DUPLO alien invaders with water guns.

Legoland Florida Battle of Bricksburg Boat Water Ride. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

Take a stroll to Emmet’s Super Suite where you can explore emmet’s apartment. Emmet and friends can be found here daily for photo-ops so make sure you have your best poses ready!

The LEGO Movie: Masters of Flight is similar to Soarin’ at EPCOT but it’s such a great time!

You board a triple decker couch and explore the LEGO universe with Emmet and friends. The attraction uses 3D glasses and takes place in an indoor theatre.

Legoland Florida Masters of Flight Ride. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

You will want to get amazing views of the entire park on Unikitty’s Disco Drop.

Unikitty and her many, many personalities will swoop, dip, drop and bounce you from the tip top of Cloud Cuckoo land allllllllll the way back down to earth.

Legoland Florida UniKitty Ride. Keep reading to get the full guide to LEGOLAND Florida tips!

I am a big Unikitty fan, so this one was the ride i was most excited for!

LEGO Kingdoms

In LEGO Kingdoms, a land that takes you back to the medieval period LEGO style, you can ride the fearsome Dragon. This indoor/outdoor coaster twists and turns you for a roaring good time.

Legoland Florida The Dragon Roller Coaster

Land of Adventure

I spent a bit of time in the Land of Adventure where there are two fun attractions that live up to the land’s name!

Legoland Florida Egyptian Area Land of Adventure

Lost Kingdom Adventure, similar to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at Magic Kingdom, has you board a desert off roader and battle LEGO mummies and skeletons with Lazer guns.

Legoland Florida Lost Kingdom Adventure

It’s so goofy and silly but that’s what made it a blast. It’s an indoor ride to so perfect in case the weather gets a bit gnarly.

Coastersaurus is a classic wooden coaster and one of the originals of the park. Riders will zip and zoom past life-sized LEGO brick dinosaurs that will sure to delight you.

Legoland Florida Coastersaurus Roller Coaster

Cypress Gardens

The section of the park that was by far my absolute favorite was the tribute to Cypress Gardens area.

This botanical gardens located here has been a Florida staple since the late 1930s. the highlight was a huge Banyan tree that was planted in 1939 as a seedling.

Legoland Florida Cypress Garden Tribute with Lady in Big blue Dress

It was so huge that I had to use my iPhones panorama feature to get the entire tree in the photo.

Legoland Florida Tribute to Cypress Gardens The Banyan Tree

It boasts over 30 types of palms, 10 kinds of banana trees and more exotic plant life kept in perfect condition.

This is such a relaxing and gorgeous location that will feature a brand-new attraction.

Pirate River Quest will take riders on a journey to retrieve lost treasure stolen by a band of monkeys. The adventure takes place on the Cypress Gardens River.


Last but certainly not least is LEGO NINJAGO World! LEGO NINJAGO is one of the most popular franchises in the LEGO world. It recently celebrated a 11-year Anniversary.

Legoland Florida Ninjago

Based on a show, it follows six teenaged ninjas training to become elemental masters. They will help fight against the forces of evil with their abilities.

The main attraction is LEGO NINJAGO the ride in the land.

I hope you didn’t skip arm day because you’ll be using your arms to blast fireballs, lightning and more to defeat the minions of the Great Devourer before facing off with him yourself!

Legoland Florida Asian Lego Display

The best part of all these attractions was that there was very little wait, with some being walk-ons, including LEGO NINJAGO the ride. Multiple rides anyone?

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LEGOLAND Florida Shows

Another highlight was the thrilling and impressive shows on property, our favorite being the brand new Brickbeard Watersport Stunt Show!

Brickbeard Water Show Legoland Florida Lake Stunt Show

Located in Pirates’ Cove near Cypress Gardens, you’ll be treated to pirate recruits testing their speed, jumps and more to join Brickbeard’s crew. This one is not to be missed!

Legoland Florida Posters at the Theme Park

LEGO MYTHICA 4D-Journey to Mythica takes visitors into a new fantastical world where you will witness mystical creatures and adventure galore powered by LEGO bricks and the imagination of children.

Finally, the largest indoor theater hosts three 4D films for guests to enjoy. Films include:

  • LEGO NINJAGO: Masters of the 4th Dimension
  • THE LEGO MOVIE 4D: A New Adventure
  • LEGO CITY 4D-Officer in Pursuit

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LEGOLAND Florida Food Options

What really struck a chord with me is the excellent variety of food options that the park offers to guests.

Legoland Florida Granny’s Apple Fries Entrance

When I first mentioned that I was visiting, I was told by everyone to try the Apple Fries. I had never heard of them but when I tried them, I fell in love!

Apple Fries

This original treat that can only be found at the park are dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

You have to have them with the sweet whipped cream dipping sauce. This treat changed the game for me!

Apple Fries at Legoland Florida

Disney Parks have Dole Whips, but LEGOLAND Florida has Granny’s Apple Fries.

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The park’s latest addition is the LEGOLAND Coffee Co.

A welcome and warm way to start your day at the park is with flash chilled iced coffee, seasonal offerings, quiche cups, sandwiches, wraps and more!

Legoland Florida Coffee Shop

The food offerings of the park are very diverse for theme park food. You can find the standard fare like turkey legs, burgers, pizza, ice cream and tenders and fries.

Legoland Florida Taco Everyday Restaurant

More Foodie Treats to Try

LEGOLAND Florida offers a sandwich builder food stand where you can get creative with your meal. You can even have tacos, paninis, egg rolls, bao buns and more!

Legoland Florida Lego City Burger Kitchen

LEGOLAND Florida has taken care to create a dietary guide to assist guests with knowing where to go for food to meet their needs.

This stood out to me as it shows the park really takes care to make sure their guests’ needs are met.

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Lodging: What Hotels are Near LEGOLAND Florida?

The park helps you to stay close to the fun with its three hotels on site.

Legoland Florida Pirate Island hotel

LEGOLAND Hotel is mere steps away from the park, has 5 different themed rooms and separate sleeping quarters for children.

Beach Retreat is a fan-favorite resort where you can book your own bungalows for a fun vacation.

The third option is only for the most adventurous, Pirate Island Hotel.

Legoland Florida Pirates Hotel

The rooms have king beds in the adult sleeping area, 2 high-definition televisions with on demand content, Amazon Alexa Device along with AC, Wi-Fi, mini fridge and toiletries.

This hotel is very close to the park as well.

Perks for Staying at a LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

All LEGOLAND Florida hotels come with:

  • free self-parking
  • the free daily breakfast
  • close proximity to the park (meaning no bus rides to and from)
  • heated resort style pool
  • various dining options
  • LEGO master workshops
  • along with the standard hotel amenities

You get themed entertainment, fun and comfort with the option to hit 9 holes at LEGOLAND hotel’s mini golf course and so much more!

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Is LEGOLAND Florida Worth the Money?

If you remember the saying, “Where a kid can be a kid,” then you can certainly apply that to this park.

Legoland Florida Giant Lego Giraffe

While this park is aimed at children, it has quite a bit for adults to do that will allow them to spark their imagination and childhood memories.

Legoland Florida Lego Race Ride

Visiting LEGOLAND Florida as an Adult

What I loved about the park is that I didn’t feel out of place as a solo traveler and adult having a day in the park.

Legoland Florida With Writer Victoria Wade

Believe it or not, I enjoyed the wide range of attractions, shows and entertainment available, with it being enough to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Legoland Florida Coastersaurus with Lego Stegosaurus

I am impressed with the number of amenities you get when you stay on property and the proximity of the hotels to the park.

Legoland Florida Moroccan Lego Set

This means it won’t take long to get back to rest for a quick power nap or spending a whole day at the park.

Legoland Florida Beetle Bounce Ride

Plus, I loved the affordability and diversity of the food options which allows for visitors to plan accordingly for their own needs.

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My Final Thoughts on LEGOLAND Florida

Overall, LEGOLAND Florida made me feel valued as a customer and visitor. The park was fairly easy to navigate and we were so impressed with everything.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Sign in Florida

So much so that me and my friend became Annual Passholders to continue visiting the fun, including the brand new Peppa Pig Theme Park which opened in February 2022!

Legoland Florida complete guide
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Will you consider visiting LEGOLAND Florida on your next visit? Tell us in our Facebook Group!

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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