Rides at Theme Parks

Ready to conquer some of the BEST theme park rides in the world?

Most people come to the American amusement parks for the thrills that the parks have to offer, but which ones have the best of the best?

Which theme parks have the top rides and attractions?

That is what we are here to check out today!

Let’s go through which rides at theme parks are the best for you at the destinations across the country.

Valravn at Cedar Point: 7 World Records You Didn’t Know!

Are you brave enough to challenge the Valravn at Cedar Point? If you are, then I’m here to help you ...
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Cedar Point Maverick Roller Coaster Zooming By

Top 10 Best Cedar Point Rides All RANKED!

Want to know what the best rides at Cedar Point are for your visit?  If so, then I have the ...
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Cedar Point Red Maverick Roller Coaster

Maverick at Cedar Point: The MOST Thrilling Ride in Town!

Maverick at Cedar Point acts more like a bucking bronco than a coaster! It is full of twists, screws, launches, ...
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Cedar Point Steel Vengeance Roller Coaster Curves

Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point: The Best Roller Coaster in America?

Are you ready to brave the toughest hyper-hybrid roller coaster called Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point? Today, we continue our ...
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Cedar Point Sunrise over Gatekeeper entrance. One of the best Cedar Point roller coasters.

10 Best Cedar Point Roller Coasters RANKED for 2023!

Are you ready to conquer the best roller coasters at Cedar Point? Located right off the Lake Erie peninsula, Cedar ...
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Space Mountain Disneyland vs Disney World

Space Mountain Disneyland vs Disney World: Which is Better?

Head-to-Head Challenge: Space Mountain Disneyland vs Disney World! When one thinks of a Disney Park, you most likely think of ...
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Cedar Point Sunny day over Top Thrill Dragster

2024 Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point: Most Adrenaline-pumping Ride in The Country RETURNS!

Gather up your courage and hold your breath, this ride isn’t for the weakhearted. If you want a truly electrifying ...
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Disney Magic Kingdom Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster going over the bridge Frontierland

Ultimate Guide to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: From Wild Claims to Kidney Stones!

Howdy Folks! And welcome to the Wild West. Since you’re here, let me take you on a virtual ride of ...
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California Roller Coaster Seaworld San Diego Electric Eel

5 Best Roller Coasters in Sunny California You Must Do!

Do you want to know what the best roller coasters are in California? Lucky for you, I’ve got the best ...
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Animal Kingdom Asia Shrine

7 BEST Rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom You MUST Do!

Are you ready to experience some of the BEST rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is ...
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