Orlando Strong

Hurt, sadness, and confusion are just a few words describing what so many people are feeling in Orlando today.

Other local theme park enthusiasts and I were all looking forward to a summer of fun-filled excitement with the unveiling of new attractions.

However, the harsh reality of EVIL hit our home town in such a short period of time that has left us paralyzed.

Sad Times in Orlando

4th of july in Orlando over looking Lake Eola downtown
Downtown Orlando

Dealing with that much death and heartache within the last 5 days is something a community should never have to go through.

Christina Grimmie, the Pulse victims, and baby Lane Graves have our hearts bleeding tears for the unexpected sorrow the friends and families are facing right now.

How do we handle this?

Can we stay strong when the pain is so cripplingly toxic?

How do we become the magical city again?

…I don’t have the answers, but I wish I did.

I wish that I was able to do something to numb the pain and bring peace and comfort to everyone affected by such tremendous loss.

Loss of loved-ones, loss of innocence, loss of security, and loss of faith.

The best I can do is to continue to pray for the strength of the survivors and peace for relatives left dealing with the pain.

Please know that ThemeParkHipster will continue to spread the message of love, unity, and life here in Orlando.

Let us all take a moment today to remember the people who have lost their life in the multiple tragedies.



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