Universal Orlando Resort Ticket at Universal Studios Florida. Keep reading to learn how to get free Universal Studios tickets with the 2 park 2 day ticket.

Universal Orlando Tickets: How to Get a Free Day at Universal Studios in 2023?

Are you stuck trying to find the BEST Universal Orlando tickets with a good discount that include a FREE Day?

Being a self-proclaimed ThemeParkHipster makes me the main one in my group of friends who “knows” the ins and outs of the theme parks here in Orlando, Florida.

One question I always get is, “Can you get into Universal Studios for free?”

It depends on how good you are at finding travel deals.

My goal is to guide you through some of the easiest ways to find your free Universal Studios Orlando tickets for your next trip.

If this deal is not available at the time of you read this article, then I’ll list some places to find the top discounts for tickets to Universal Orlando Resort.

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Best theme park tickets in Orlando

Where to Buy Cheap Tickets for Theme Parks in Florida? (Full Guide)

Question of the week: Where to find cheap tickets for theme parks in Florida?

Hey friend! Being a self-proclaimed ThemeParkHipster makes me the main one in my group of peers who “knows” the ins and outs of theme park tips.

One question I always get is, “How can I get cheap theme park tickets?”

My goal is to guide you through some of the easiest ways to find your Orlando park tickets for your next trip.

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Universal Orlando on a budget. #universalstudios #universalorlando #themeparks

19 Amazing Ways to Do Universal Orlando on a Budget (2023)

You can save money if you know how to do Universal Orlando on a budget!

I don’t want you to worry about breaking the bank for a chance at experiencing the famous wizard and the world-class theme park attractions.

Before you start your Universal Orlando budget planner, you should know that the resort has 3 theme parks with another one opening in the future plus multiple hotels to choose from and the famous CityWalk.

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Let’s learn what items you never knew you could buy for your next Walt Disney World vacation from Dollar Tree.

33 Incredible Dollar Tree Items You Must Pack for Disney World (2023)

Did you know that you can find all of your Disney essentials at the Dollar Tree?


I know!

As a ThemeParkHipster, I love saving money and showing you ways to save money on your Walt Disney World Vacation.

It’s for this reason that I recommend giving the Dollar Tree a chance to get your Disney shopping list done for a low price.

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Things to do in Orlando for adults

5 Fun (and SCARY) Things to do in Orlando Besides Theme Parks (2023)

Do you want to know what the most thrilling things to do in Orlando are besides theme parks?

You may not know it, but the Orlando area has some pretty amazing activities to discover for adults. I thought I’d challenge you to get out of your comfort zone yet again and discover unique things to do in Orlando besides Disney World.

No, I didn’t want to give you the same ole touristy restaurants or attractions. I really wanted to dig deep and find some cool local spots that offer high, thrilling adventures.

These exciting experiences can be done solo or with friends!

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Disney Cast Member holding Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse balloons

7 Walt Disney World Passholder Benefits You Must Know About

Are you trying to figure out what the Walt Disney World passholder benefits are and if you should should get one?

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to weigh out how many days to be in the parks against your budget for your trip.

But let me tell you about a little secret: sometimes being an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World is the best option!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Buying 12-month annual pass to Walt Disney World can be the more financially savvy option, especially if you plan on going more than seven to ten days in a year.

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HOW TO FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS TO ORLANDO. #cheapflights #disneytips #disney

How to Find Cheap Flights to Disney World

Flying to experience all the wonder and magic Orlando has to offer doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many ways to find cheap flights to Disney World, but the number one way is to have a strategy.

I know that when I’m looking for flights from and to Orlando, I want the cheapest option available. The airlines know this and are always competing with each other to get your booking.

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Walt Disney World on a Budget.

17 Easy Ways to Do Disney World on a Tight Budget

Do you know how to do Disney on a budget the right way?

You can save money for your Walt Disney World vacation in so many ways if you know how to do it.

Don’t stress yourself about breaking the bank for a chance at experiencing the famous mouse and all the magical attractions.

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