Universal Orlando Resort Flaming Moe's in Simpson Land at Universal Studios Florida

Moe’s Tavern at Universal Studios: MADE FOR SIMPSON FANS

Simpson fans, listen up! Are you looking for the best guide to Moe’s Tavern at Universal Studios?

Look no further!

Universal Studios has made your deepest desire come true in a Simpsons-inspired lounge.

You can finally fulfill your destiny and step into grumpy old Moe’s Tavern (a pet shop at one point).

This bartender/ wildlife smuggler/ unlicensed surgeon is one of the most iconic Simpsons characters and if you have good taste.

And I assume you do because you are reading this because you have a fondness for him. 

Well, this is your chance to have a go at The Love Tester and have a glass of Duff Beer or the signature Flaming Moe drink.

If you have come this far and have no idea what I’m talking about, then it’s time to educate you on the lovable classic cartoon that basically raised an entire generation of Millennials.

This article will tell about all the things you need to look for and everything that’s offered in Moe’s Tavern at Universal Studios so you don’t miss out on a single experience.

Let’s get started!

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Best Restaurants in Universal Orlando CityWalk

Top 5 BEST Restaurants in Universal Orlando CityWalk You Can’t Miss in 2024!

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Universal Orlando CityWalk?

Look no further, I’ve got you covered!

Before walking into the theme parks at Universal Orlando Resort, you’ll walk through CityWalk, a bustling dining and entertainment district.

While you might think to walk past all of the restaurants and bars in lieu of getting something inside either Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure, I’m here to tell you it’s worth it to leave the parks to eat at CityWalk Orlando.

In fact, the food is actually better at CityWalk than inside the theme parks in my opinion.

Not only is there a better variety of cuisines and vibes, but it’s typically easier to get a table if you dine while the parks are open.

These are the top five restaurants you should be making a reservation for at CityWalk Orlando.

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Universal Studios Florida Minion Land Freeze Ray Pops Mobile Ordering Pickup Window

2024 Universal Orlando Mobile Order Guide: Skip the Lines!

Are you trying to figure out how to use the Universal Orlando mobile order service on your next trip?

Well, look no further!

This is an AWESOME feature to know all about for its sheer convenience and how easy it is to use. 

Stop wasting valuable park time waiting in food lines and start ordering your food on the go!

So, are you ready to learn more about this yummy time-saver? 

I thought so!  

Keep reading for all things Universal Orlando Mobile Food Ordering including:

  • An explanation of what it is
  • The 8 step guide of how to use it
  • Exclusive tips

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Universal Orlando Resort a margarita at Chez Alcatraz with Jaws Bruce the Shark in background at Universal Studios

7 BEST Lounges and Bars at Universal Orlando You MUST Visit in 2024

Are you looking for the best bars at Universal Orlando or looking to unwind at the best lounges at Universal?

If there is one thing I absolutely enjoy, it’s having a nice drink with friends after an exhilarating journey into some of our favorite movies at Universal Orlando Resort.

What I find the resort does very well, is making a unique range of adult beverages.

On top of having lots of enjoyable, relaxing and well-themed bars and lounges.

Even at the resorts, you will find some very impressive and laid back places with quality drinks and a good time to be had!

But me being your friend, I want to give you the real deal on the best lounges and bars across the entire resort.

And so, allow me to introduce my personal opinion on the 7 best lounges and bars at Universal Orlando along with a recommendation for a drink!

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Busch Gardens Tampa Pantopia entrance 2 with falcon's fury guide to All Day Dining

2024 Busch Gardens Tampa All-Day Dining: EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Is the Busch Gardens All-Day Dining Plan worth it for you?

Picture this: You’re doing your pre theme park hopping day research, and you come across a BIG dilemma. 

You noticed that there’s SO many amazing options when it comes to dining, snacks, and restaurants, you have NO idea which one to pick!

A day is only so long, and theme park food is so expensive after all…it’s not like you can fit in EVERY cuisine option, right? 

Nope – think again!

Thanks to Busch Gardens All-Day Dining, overpaying for limited portions of theme park food is a thing of the past!

For just $50 a day ($25 for kids 3 – 9), you can enjoy one meal every 1.5 hours…

Yup, you read that right…every 1.5 hours!

Seems impossible? Too good to be true? 

I get your concerns, and I’m prepared to lay them all to rest below as we explore every facet of the Busch Gardens All-Day Dining plan that the park has to offer!

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Busch Gardens Tampa Food and Wine Festival Cocktails booth with Twisted Lemonade Drink

2024 Busch Gardens Tampa Restaurants: Ultimate Foodie Guide

Are you wondering which Busch Gardens Tampa restaurants you simply can’t miss on your next visit?

From Serengeti views and sweet tooth delights to the famous pretzel fury and signature hot dogs, dining at Busch Gardens Tampa is half the fun when visiting the theme park.

And Theme Park Hipster is all about counting the memories, not the calories.  

Don’t worry we haven’t left any of the good eats out and are covering all 12 of your choices for eating at Busch Gardens Tampa and their all-day dining deal. 

So, no more waiting around, it’s time to serve up our ultimate foodie guide to Busch Gardens Tampa restaurants before you start getting hangry!

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SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich. One of the best things to eat at the SeaWorld Orlando restaurants.

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Restaurants: Ultimate Foodie Guide

Are you trying to decide which of the SeaWorld Orlando restaurants you MUST eat at during your visit?

No need to worry. I got you!

Orlando is bursting with incredible dining with theme parks not wanting to miss out on the action and SeaWorld is no exception.

While theme park food is traditionally not highly regarded with many parks worldwide offering basic menus, Orlando’s theme parks are the exception!

AND SeaWorld Orlando’s dining locations are restaurants to be celebrated.

With 15 on-site eateries, there is an eclectic variety of dining locations from quick service burger joints to table service underwater experiences.

Each of SeaWorld Orlando’s restaurants offers an incredible menu to choose from with something for every taste.

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SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Red Holiday Cocktail and Shrimp in front of Mako Roller Coaster

SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining 2024: EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Ready to try out the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining deal?

Ever felt limited by your in park dining options because of the insane price tag that comes along with theme park eateries? 

Ever wish you could try ALL the food, without the guilt of a price tag?

Well now…you can!

Thanks to SeaWorld Orlando’s All Day Dining offering, you can do more than just sample snacks, you can eat an entire entrée and side dish or dessert, ONCE. EVERY. HOUR. 

For one flat fee!

And no, I’m NOT kidding!

So, if THAT sounds appetizing to you, then let’s talk deets below!

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Best Restaurants Near SeaWorld Orlando

10 BEST Restaurants Near SeaWorld Orlando For EVERY Budget!

There’s nothing a ThemeParkHipster loves more before or after a long park day than a big delectable meal, right? So today I’m going to break down the 10 best restaurants near SeaWorld, so you won’t have to travel too far from the fun for delicious eats!

And don’t worry, even though these are my favorite SeaWorld Orlando restaurants, they aren’t too far away from Disney or Universal either!  

So feel free to try out any one – or two of them – on your next Orlando theme park day!

Now, let’s get this countdown started – cuz we’re getting hungry! 

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SeaWorld Orlando Resort Sharks Underwater Grill Kobe Beef Sliders

2024 REVIEW of Sharks Underwater Grill at SeaWorld Orlando: Photos, Food, Fun, and More!

Are you ready for one of the most epic dining experiences at Sharks Underwater Grill in SeaWorld Orlando?

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of diving with the sharks but what about DINING with the sharks?

Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar at SeaWorld Orlando delivers some jaw-dropping views of shark-infested waters while serving up bites to remember.

But don’t worry, this adventurous restaurant is more than safe, you will have a swimmingly good time!

So, follow along as we dive into all you need to know about Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld full of photos, food, fun, and more!

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