Tower of Terror Merchandise Service Elevator Disney Pin

15 Best Tower of Terror Merchandise Gift Ideas

When thinking about one of Disney’s most legendary attractions, you know there’s always a strong fan-base to follow. If you are a part of the spirited club, then you’ll want to know what are some of the top Twilight Zone® Tower of Terror merchandise ideas to buy for yourself or that fan in your life.

Before we go through any of ghostly merchandise, let’s first understand why the Tower of Terror is so special to us.

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One Day at Horrorland Goosebumps book cover 1994

Goosebumps One Day at Horrorland: A Book Made for Theme Park Fans

What I’m Reading: Goosebumps One Day at Horrorland

Many of you may not know it (or you probably can guess), but I’m a big kid at heart. It shouldn’t be a surprise that at times I like to delve into some of my favorite book series I enjoyed as a child (and still do).

I am reading Goosebumps One Day at Horrorland by R. L. Stine. This was my favorite book of the horror-fantasy book series because it not only kept the spooky, quirky fireside story traditions; it combined it with my favorite passion…Theme Parks and Amusement Parks!

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Tips for going to Walt Disney World Alone

18 Amazing Tips for Going to Theme Parks Alone (Solo Travel)

So, you’ve decided to go to one of the theme parks alone…

Now what’s next?

I want you to know that you’re choosing a great way to travel to the parks. Lots of people may be asking if it’s weird to go to a theme park alone?

Absolutely not!

It’s different for many people, but you should try going solo to a theme park. I love this form of travel, but I don’t expect anyone else to jump on the bandwagon.

It’s something you have to get used to and I always want to make sure you’re comfortable with going to a park like Walt Disney World alone.

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Theme Park Packing List

21 Top Theme Park Packing List Items (How to Pack for an Amusement Park)

Are you a minimalist packing pro or even an over-packer? Don’t worry, I got you! Today I will give you the full guide on creating the perfect theme park packing list.

I will go through how to pack for your day on both a family vacation or your very own solo trip to a theme park.

So, if you don’t know where to start, then this is definitely for you (that amusement park enthusiast)!

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Universal Orlando Resort NikkyJ in front of Halloween Horror Nights 30 Sign Universal Studios HHN

Universal Orlando Solo: 2022 Ultimate Guide To Making The Most Of Your Vacation

Have you ever wanted to go to Universal Studios solo?

What about Islands of Adventure solo?

Or perhaps the idea seems a bit weird…

The Universal Orlando Resort parks are made perfectly for solo adult travelers. I know you’re probably thinking this has got to be the oddest idea but trust me, you can do it!

There’s a way to do Universal Orlando solo without thinking it’s weird….

…that’s if you know what to do.

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Halloween Horror Nights Tips 2014!

Halloween Horror Nights 2014 History (HHN 24 You’ve Been Warned)

You’ve been warned! was the tagline of Halloween Horror Nights 2014 in Orlando.

Fans would agree that the 24th year of this haunted event was one-of-a- kind with words such “awesome,” “epic,” “immersive,” and “thrilling!”

2014 would be another year filled with even more Intellectual Properties (IP) and very little original concept mazes.

With eight (8) houses and two (2) shows, 2014 would be dubbed as having some of the highest-rated content in Halloween Horror Nights history.

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Disney Memento Mori Shop Front Entrance at the Magic Kingdom

The Mysteries of Memento Mori at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get your ghoulish charms in the parks, then be sure to visit Disney’s Memento Mori shop located inside the Magic Kingdom theme park.

Memento Mori is the Haunted Mansion-themed merchandise shop in Liberty Square that’s adjacent to the spooky attraction.

This is a place where hardcore Haunted Mansion fans can fulfill their ghastly shopping needs all the while catching a quick glimpse of the mysterious Madame Leota while in Memento Mori.

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