Manta SeaWorld


Welcome adrenaline-seekers to another list of potentially stomach-dropping experiences! Today, we focus on (cue the drumroll please) the SEAWORLD Orlando roller coasters!

This is the place that brought high-thrill roller coasters and cute waddling penguins together. That’s paradise right there folks! 

For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know what SeaWorld is, it’s a theme park crossed with a marine zoo that is committed to protecting the biodiversity of the planet.

But just for the sake of this article, we are going to take penguins out of the equation. I know, I know, very sad. However, we are going to be exploring the seven different high-to-medium thrill SeaWorld Orlando roller coasters.

We are pulling apart speed, height, intensity, and all those thrill factors so that YOU can pick your favorite.

Ready? Set! Buckle up!

The ride is starting!

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Homecomin Disney Springs Chicken and Donut Brunch

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ at Disney Springs: The ULTIMATE Guide and Review

Disney Dining Review: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Ever dreamed of having a fresh, mouth-watering farm-house brunch? Well, you don’t have to look very far– just over the fence of Walt Disney World Resort!

Disney Springs (the shopping center inside Walt Disney World Resort) has a hidden gem of a restaurant– Chef Art’s Homecomin’. It brings fresh ingredients from the farms of Florida straight to your table, drizzled with flavors from Chef Art’s own kitchen

And did I mention they have the most wonderful moonshine bar?

For guests who can legally drink, the cocktails are a must-try. They taste simply heavenly– especially the Signature Craft Moonshine Cocktail. For the rest of you, drinking is bad. Don’t drink kids.

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SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando Entrance

AQUATICA RIDES Smackdown! (Your Complete Guide)

Grab your sunglasses! Slap on some sunscreen! And grab your cutest swimsuit! Because we are getting on all the Aquatica rides!

If you haven’t heard about Aquatica yet, it’s an aquatic wonderland where you can do (almost) whatever you want. You can relax on the sand next to the wave pools or get on stomach-droppingly thrilling rides. 

It’s the ULTIMATE water park.

The place has been voted ‘Best Outdoor Park’ in the USA today for Pete’s sake! So, are you excited to explore Aquatica with me?

Thought so!

Let’s dive in!

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Hogsmeade Wizarding World of Harry Potter World

A Wizard’s Guide to Ollivanders: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Are you ready to take a secret trip with me to Ollivanders at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure?

I was browsing through The Daily Prophet while my kettle was pouring me a cuppa. And Merlin’s beard, would you believe what I found? Ollivanders in Hogsmeade! 

Now, I knew that the Muggles actually pay to get into Diagon Alley in London (through the Portkey at Universal Studios, Florida), I also knew that Ollivanders was a huge success with the Muggles.

They love waving fake wands around while Ollivander secretly cast spells (the sly old fox).

But a whole new branch in Hogsmeade (in Universal Studios) was something I would have never predicted! So of course, I packed up my truck (well, it packet itself), and decided to investigate both the shops.

And you, my lucky wizard/witch, are coming with me!

But hold your threstals! 

It is of utmost importance that this piece of parchment does not fall into the hands of a Muggle. So please keep it off that thing they call the ‘Ethernet’, ‘interweb’ or whatever alright?

Alright, now grab some Floo Powder, and off to Ollivanders we go!

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SeaWorld Dolphin Cove

AVOID the SeaWorld Wait Times with Quick Queue (Your Ultimate Guide)

Do you want to know how you can AVOID the LONG SeaWorld wait times for your trip?

Today we can’t wait to dish the dirt on the biggest unspoken pet peeve among all theme park enthusiasts… LONG LINES!

We already know there’s a few groups of ThemeParkHipsters out there who have different stances on the issue of long lines, especially long SeaWorld wait times:  

Group 1: Just accept the crazy SeaWorld wait times, they come with the territory. Wear your sunscreen, stay hydrated, have a fully charged phone, and WAIT.

Group 2: Plan the HECK out of your day! Avoid visiting parks on busy days and RUN to those popular rides during the best times like park open.You might be sweating and stressed…but HEY, you saved some wait time!

Group 3: Pay an arm and a leg to jump to the front of every line by doing a VIP Tour. Obviously if you can afford it, do it, but theme parks are already so expensive…

Well, what if we told you there was a new and improved way to deal with long SeaWorld wait times!?

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Melia pool Area

REVIEW: Melia Orlando Suite Hotel At Celebration (Should You Stay?)

Should you stay at Melia Orlando Suite Hotel?

You know what you need? A getaway– somewhere where times slows down, Pina Coladas keep coming and you can adventure in different lands every day.

You need a magical getaway and Orlando is just the place for you. More specifically, Melia Orlando Suite Hotel At Celebration, Orlando is just the place for you.

It has lush greenery, serene pools, stylish (and very comfy) rooms– all a stone’s throw away from Walt Disney’s magical kingdom. 

Whether you want to do a solo ‘relaxventure’ (yes, I made that word up) or a couple’s retreat, it’s perfect for you! With all the hard work and stress you have been dealing with, being treated like a Disney princess is exactly what you deserve.

So, pack your bags and listen up! We are going to do Disney in style.

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Cinderella Castle with Ferry Boat in Disney Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

My Disney Experience App (Everything You Wanted to Know about it…and THEN some!)

Full Guide to the My Disney Experience App

Whether you’ve been out a lot lately, or not, you’re no stranger to one obvious fact: Since 2020, lots of businesses have taken things online, and theme parks are no different. 

Not even the most magical one. 

In fact, starting in 2013 Disney launched one of it’s most controversial customer experiences: the My Disney Experience App. 

And we won’t lie, back in the day it was buggy and slow; but as of today, it’s hard to survive a Disney day without this amazing tool!

You see, My Disney Experience is your one stop shop to accessing all things Disney. With this app you can check ride wait times; make, modify, and cancel dining reservations; create fast passes; view park maps; and more.  

Or…in other words…save yourself from carrying around lots of papers, waiting on tons of customer service lines, and dreading long hold wait times on the phone.

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Cheetah Hunt Roller Coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa Canva

Your Guide to Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits, Membership Plans, and More!

Do you know what the Busch Gardens Annual Pass benefits are and if it’s even worth the price?

Annual passes are a great investment for the ThemeParkHipster who likes to relive certain amusement parks again and again. Not only do they cut down on admission costs, but they also entitle you to plenty of perks.

So, if Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is one of your all-time favorite theme parks, then you’re definitely going to want to read up to today’s article! 

From which membership plan makes the most sense for you, to what Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits you are entitled to, this article is full of savings and little tips and tricks you won’t want to miss.

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Falcons Fury Busch Gardens Tampa orange and blue drop tower

What is the Quick Queue at Busch Gardens? (8 Ways to Avoid Busch Gardens Busy Days & Wait Times)

If you hate waiting in lines for theme park rides and are headed to Busch Gardens Tampa, there is an easy fix for the problem. Enter Busch Gardens Quick Queue.

As its name suggests, Busch Gardens Quick Queue allows you to get on rides faster by skipping the stand-by line for some of the most popular attractions at the park.

Not only has it been described as ‘beyond worth it’ on Trip Advisor, it is also the best-selling Busch Gardens update.

If you’re wondering if Quick Queue could make your trip to Busch Gardens even more fun then you’re going to want to keep reading.

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Disney Springs Entrance with Planet Hollywood and Coke Cola stores

11 BEST Things to Do at Disney Springs for Adults

Are you wondering what adults can do at Disney Springs?

Let us guess, you’re here because you miss Disney World! You miss the hustle and bustle of a full park day… 

You miss waving at Mickey while you bite into a Mickey Bar… And you miss that rush after you conquer an exhilarating ride like Tower of Terror!

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone!  And while the past year hasn’t been the best for park hopping, this year is looking more promising. Especially at Disney Springs!

If you don’t already know, Disney Springs is Disney’s outdoor shopping and eatery area, comparable to Universal’s CityWalk. There’s plenty of Mickey merch, Disney snacks, and pixie dust to go around.

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