The Director HHN 30 Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights

41 Weird (but true) Halloween Horror Nights Rumors, Secrets and Fun Facts

With the haunt season in full effect, I thought it’d be great to give you some of the best Halloween Horror Nights secrets, rumors, and fun facts to get you excited for the event.

Halloween Horrors Nights (HHN), created by Julie Zimmerman and John Paul Geurts, began as Fright Nights over in Hollywood, California and was brought to Florida in 1991 for three nights.

Because of the incredible visionaries who first brought this event to life, over the past 29 years HHN has become the premier Halloween spectacular in the world!

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The Usher HHN 30 Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights

13 Halloween Horror Nights Mistakes to AVOID in 2022

Do you dare to venture out to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights? If so, you are in for a real treat. I’ve put together the top mistakes you MUST avoid to help you survive Halloween Horror Nights (HHN).

Halloween Horror Nights is an event takes place annually from September until late October at Universal Studios Florida.

It’s a premiere event with new levels of fear and terrifying haunted houses along with outrageous entertainment.

So today, I take it as a great honor to give you a few tips to help you have the best HHN vacation EVER!

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Universal Studios vs Islands of Adventures with Park Arches and Tower

SMACKDOWN! Universal Studios vs. Islands of Adventure: Which is Better?

Universal Studios vs. Islands of Adventure: Do you know the difference and which is better for you?

Well today, I’m going to help you answer those EXACT questions. 

And while I’ve already covered the ULTIMATE theme park showdown: Disney vs. Universal here, today I’m going to take on an even tougher debacle: Universal Studios vs. Islands of Adventure.

Which park has more of what you’re looking for? Which park fits your ThemeParkHipster checklist for the perfect theme park day? 

So let’s use our 7 favorite theme park categories to finally settle this age old challenge!

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dr doom fear fall photo from universal (1)

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall at Universal: The Good, the Bad, and the Scary!

Are you too scared to ride Doctor Doom’s Fearfall at Universal’s Islands of Adventure?

Hidden in an alley within the Marvel Superhero Island, lies a supervillain concocted attraction. Most people don’t even realize that it is an opening day attraction, making its debut with Islands of Adventure on May 28, 1999.

But the question is why is it so overlooked? It could possibly be due to the fact that it’s a bit hidden away and its next to the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ride, a popular superhero.

Today, we will dive into the history and why you should give it a bit more love on your next visit to Islands of Adventure.

Regarding Dr. Doom, I will touch on:

  • Backstory of Dr. Doom
  • History of the Ride
  • Theme of the Attraction
  • Story of Doctor Doom Fearfall
  • Ride Stats

So, let’s dive into the mind of Victor Von Doom!

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Mythos Restaurant Islands of Adventure Waterfall out of mouth

AVOID the Universal Orlando Wait Times with Express Pass: Is it worth it in 2022?

Well ThemeParkHipster… you asked, so now it’s my time to deliver: To Universal Orlando Express Pass, or not to Universal Express Pass?!

I KNOW it’s a big decision since there are SO many factors to consider when purchasing a Universal Orlando Express Pass; and I totally can’t wait to help you decide!

So – What is the Express Pass? How is it different from the Unlimited Express Pass? And most importantly, is the Universal Orlando Express Pass worth it in general?  

I can’t wait to get to all that – and more – below!

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Universal Orlando Resort NikkyJ in front of Halloween Horror Nights 30 Sign Universal Studios HHN

Universal Orlando Solo: 2022 Ultimate Guide To Making The Most Of Your Vacation

Have you ever wanted to go to Universal Studios solo?

What about Islands of Adventure solo?

Or perhaps the idea seems a bit weird…

The Universal Orlando Resort parks are made perfectly for solo adult travelers. I know you’re probably thinking this has got to be the oddest idea but trust me, you can do it!

There’s a way to do Universal Orlando solo without thinking it’s weird….

…that’s if you know what to do.

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Halloween Horror Nights Tips 2014!

Halloween Horror Nights 2014 History (HHN 24 You’ve Been Warned)

You’ve been warned! was the tagline of Halloween Horror Nights 2014 in Orlando.

Fans would agree that the 24th year of this haunted event was one-of-a- kind with words such “awesome,” “epic,” “immersive,” and “thrilling!”

2014 would be another year filled with even more Intellectual Properties (IP) and very little original concept mazes.

With eight (8) houses and two (2) shows, 2014 would be dubbed as having some of the highest-rated content in Halloween Horror Nights history.

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Tips and secrets located in The Wizarding World of Diagon Alley

25 Incredible Things to Do at Diagon Alley Universal (Definitive Guide)

Complete Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley Universal Orlando Guide for Muggles

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a dream come true for the legions of Harry Potter fans the franchise has built over the last two decades.

As one of the more popular attractions at Universal Studios, Diagon Alley features a huge selection of magical activities that range from riding the Hogwarts Express to being a part of the wand selection process first hand.

Diagon Alley is themed around the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling and is a must do for any fan!

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Universal Orlando Resort a margarita at Chez Alcatraz with Jaws Bruce the Shark in background at Universal Studios

7 Best Universal Orlando Restaurants for Solo Travelers

You may be wondering, what are the best Universal Orlando Restaurants for Solo Travelers?

One of the most important things when I research a theme park that I plan on visiting is the dining options.

Some people do this due to dietary restrictions but me personally, I just want to make sure I get the good food when I go, haha!

And I will certainly give credit when credit is due, Universal Orlando Resort does a fantastic job at serving up a great variety of fares to try during your visit.

Whether you are staying at one of their resorts, exploring Citywalk or grabbing a bite in Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios, you will always find a great entree to sink your teeth into.

But for solo travelers, which ones end up working the best for us?

Today, we will be answering that very question for you! These restaurants will be rated on the following:

  • Theme
  • Food and drink
  • location
  • Price

Let’s dive into these delicious, mouthwatering options!

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Universal Orlando Resort Miami Vice Pink and Blue donut from Voodoo Doughnut in CityWalk

Voodoo Doughnut Orlando Will Put a Spell on You!

If you’ve never been to Voodoo Doughnut in Orlando, you’re doing it wrong!

Now, in all fairness, you’re probably thinking “another donut shop in Orlando – what’s the big deal?!”

Well, I’m here to tell you ThemeParkHipster, this counter-service bakeshop is more than just a simple tourist trap.

In fact, nothing is off limits when it comes to the beautiful and twisted minds behind Voodoo Doughnut… and that just may be what makes them so darn a-glaze-ing! 

If you’re ready to learn more about some of the best doughnuts this side of town or care to level up your Universal Orlando CityWalk game… keep reading.

Because I’m going to unpack everything you need to know, when to go to avoid crazy long lines, and of course our suggestions on what to order. 

Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself dreaming of sugar frosted eats and treats for the next few nights.

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