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Disney Magic Kingdom Theme Park Haunted Mansion (3)

13 BEST Haunted Mansion Merchandise Gift Ideas for EVERY Disney Fan!

If you are a part of the spirited club, then you’ll want to know what are some of the top ...
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Tower of Terror Merchandise Service Elevator Disney Pin

15 BEST Tower of Terror Merchandise and Gift Ideas for Every Hardcore Fan!

When thinking about one of Disney’s most legendary attractions, you know there’s always a strong fan-base to follow. If you’re ...
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Disney Halloween Merchandise at Magic Kingdom Theme Park Madame Leota Haunted Mansion Best Disney Pins

25 Coolest and BEST Disney Pins You Have to Buy!

If you’re reading this post today, I might as well call you a Trading Pin Hipster – cuz that’s what ...
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Cinderella Castle for 50th Anniversary Celebration with the Omnibus

15 Best Disney World Souvenirs You MUST Buy on Your 2024 Trip!

Are you heading to the Most Magical Place on Earth and already know that you are going to have a ...
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Welcome to the Best Disney Christmas Mugs on ThemeParkHipster Blog

Stay Warm with the 7 BEST Disney Christmas Mugs (2023)

What do you use to fill your holiday cheer with? One of the best Disney Christmas mugs, of course! If ...
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Disney Halloween Merchandise Gifts at Magic Kingdom Theme Park

13 Spooky Disney Halloween Merchandise Gifts YOU MUST BUY for 2023

The haunted season is upon us so you know what that means. We need to get all of our favorite ...
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Disney Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Merchandise

10 Best Gifts to Buy from Your Walt Disney World Vacation in 2023

Are you looking to buy some of the best gifts for your friends and family from your Disney World vacation? ...
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