Lagoon at SeaWorld Orlando Overlooking Renaissance Hotel

10 BEST Budget-Friendly Hotels Near SeaWorld Orlando (2023)

Are you CRAVING for a theme park getaway and looking for one of the best hotels near SeaWorld Orlando to jumpstart your trip?! 

With summer right around the corner, I can’t blame you! 

But of course, before any vacation can officially begin… A LOT of dreaded planning is needed especially when it comes to finding the best hotels near SeaWorld Orlando!

From daily itineraries to travel arrangements – so much goes into planning the perfect theme park stay… And that’s exactly what I want to assist you with today!

Specifically, today I’m going to help you find some of the best cheap hotels near SeaWorld Orlando (and ones for all budgets)!

That way, you’ve got one less thing to worry about when planning your amazing Theme Park Getaway!

So without further ado, let’s talk about the top 10 favorite picks for SeaWorld Orlando resorts!

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Kraken Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando: A Roller Coaster YOU Must Ride!

Are you ready to challenge the Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando?

I know as a theme park blogger, I should never play favorites. It’s like choosing between your children.

It’s unfair and bad and I feel terrible about it.

But I cannot lie to you, the Kraken at SeaWorld Resort Orlando has definitely made its way to the top of my list for coasters in central Florida.

I cannot really tell you about it for you to see my point, you have to experience this ride, actually feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins for your own self.

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SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Red Holiday Cocktail and Shrimp in front of Mako Roller Coaster

SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining 2023: EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Ready to try out the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining deal?

Ever felt limited by your in park dining options because of the insane price tag that comes along with theme park eateries? 

Ever wish you could try ALL the food, without the guilt of a price tag?

Well now…you can!

Thanks to SeaWorld Orlando’s All Day Dining offering, you can do more than just sample snacks, you can eat an entire entrée and side dish or dessert, ONCE. EVERY. HOUR. 

For one flat fee!

And no, I’m NOT kidding!

So, if THAT sounds appetizing to you, then let’s talk deets below!

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SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando Entrance

2023 AQUATICA RIDES Smackdown! (Your Complete Guide)

Grab your sunglasses! Slap on some sunscreen! And grab your cutest swimsuit! Because we are getting on all the Aquatica rides!

If you haven’t heard about Aquatica yet, it’s an aquatic wonderland where you can do (almost) whatever you want.

You can relax on the sand next to the wave pools or get on stomach-droppingly thrilling rides. 

It’s the ULTIMATE water park.

The place has been voted ‘Best Outdoor Park’ in the USA today for Pete’s sake! So, are you excited to explore Aquatica with me?

Thought so!

Let’s dive in!

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SeaWorld Orlando Pacific Point Sea Lions and Seals with Kraken Roller Coaster in the Background

Top 10 Ways to Find Cheap SeaWorld Orlando Tickets (2023)

Question of the Week: Where to Find SeaWorld Orlando Tickets at a Discount?

Are you looking everywhere online trying to figure out where to find cheap theme park tickets for SeaWorld Orlando?

No need to look any further, I have the best recommendations for you!

I totally understand the pressure of preparing for a trip to SeaWorld Orlando. Plus, all the anxiety of wanting to find the best possible discounts you can get.

Just know that purchasing your Orlando theme park tickets doesn’t have to be hard.

You now have everything you need for finding the best possible deals online with today’s technology!

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SeaWorld Orlando Edy’s Ice cream Parlor

2023 SeaWorld Orlando Restaurants: Ultimate Foodie Guide

Are you trying to decide which of the SeaWorld Orlando restaurants you MUST eat at during your visit?

No need to worry. I got you!

Orlando is bursting with incredible dining with theme parks not wanting to miss out on the action and SeaWorld is no exception.

While theme park food is traditionally not highly regarded with many parks worldwide offering basic menus, Orlando’s theme parks are the exception!

AND SeaWorld Orlando’s dining locations are restaurants to be celebrated.

With 15 on-site eateries, there is an eclectic variety of dining locations from quick service burger joints to table service underwater experiences.

Each of SeaWorld Orlando’s restaurants offers an incredible menu to choose from with something for every taste.

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SeaWorld Orlando Lagoon overlooking Mako and Kraken

Top 10 BEST Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando in 2023

Are you looking for the best things to do at SeaWorld Orlando?

We all know how it goes. You plan your trip to Orlando, you buy your park tickets for SeaWorld, and then you realize that you’ve still got to plan the itinerary! 

What rides should you ride? 

Where is the best spot to eat?

What kinds of fun events are going on while you’re visiting?

I’ve got answers to all these and more, so read on for our take on the Top 10 BEST things to do at SeaWorld Orlando this year. 

Today, I’ve gathered up all the best tips and ideas just for you!

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SeaWorld Orlando Resort logo sign next to Manta Roller Coaster

SeaWorld Orlando Height Requirements (2023 Cheat Sheet)

You may be wondering if there are height requirements at SeaWorld Orlando and how they may affect your upcoming vacation? 

Yes there are minimum height requirements and restrictions at the SeaWorld Orlando Resort, but there are also shows and exhibits that are available for all heights.

Today I’ll give you the quick and easy cheat sheet on every ride height minimum at SeaWorld, but first let’s go through a couple of the most commonly asked questions.

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SeaWorld Orlando Resort Seven Seas Festival

2023 SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival Guide: Dates, Menu, Concerts and more!

Are you ready to try some of the best cuisine inspired by the nautical adventures of the world? That’s what you’ll get at the 2023 SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival!

This comes ahead of the opening of their brand-new coaster, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, opening this spring!

As if you couldn’t be more excited, you can partake in the Seven Seas Festival concerts and even special surprises during holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day!

Today, I will be sharing some of the offerings I tried at the festival as well as the following:

  • Menus
  • Food Reviews
  • Concerts
  • Discounts and Deals
  • Special Events

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