Space Mountain Sky Shot One of the Fastest Rides at Disney World

9 Fastest Rides at Disney World You MUST Experience in 2022!

Do you know what the fastest rides at Disney World are?

This guide is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re in great health and seek thrills, you’ve come to the right place! 

The best part of being a solo traveler is not having to wait in long lines all the time.

Skipping through Single Rider is one of the best parts of your visits. Especially when anticipating riding the fastest and thrilling attractions that Walt Disney World has to offer. 

Today, I will be sharing the 7 fastest attractions at the Disney resort. I will also be sharing some of my solo traveler tips along the way! 

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Cedar Point Sunny day over Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point: Most Adrenaline-pumping Ride in The Country

Gather up your courage and hold your breath, this ride isn’t for the weakhearted. If you want a truly electrifying roller coaster experience, then Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point most definitely fits the bill.

Cedar Point has its fair share of tall, over-the-top, and scary rides.

Top Thrill Dragster, however, takes the prize for the most heart-stopping, lung-crushing and scream-worthy ride in all of Cedar Point.

That seems like a bit of an overkill considering that it lasts a mere 17 seconds.

Yep, you read that right. And I would bet a whole lot of money that those 17 seconds would be scariest 17 seconds of your entire life.

Before you head to Cedar Point you may have a few questions about Top Thrill Dragster.

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Valravn at Cedar Point: 7 World Records You Didn’t Know!

Are you brave enough to challenge the Valravn at Cedar Point?

If you are, then I’m here to help you on the solo theme park adventure ahead.

For this journey, you may want to grab a friend to tag along with you on this epic roller coaster expedition.

As you make your way over to Valravn, be prepared to experience the power of the Danish folklore creature.

Before you head to Cedar Point you may have a few questions about Valravn.

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Tallest Roller Coaster at Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point view from Snoopy Land

Top 5 Tallest Roller Coasters at Cedar Point You MUST Ride!

Can you handle the five tallest roller coasters at Cedar Point?

Cedar Point, Ohio can be best described as an enterprise almost entirely focused on serving adrenaline junkies with the tallest, fastest and meanest rides on the planet.

Excluding a few kiddy rides put in place to allow parents to sneak away for a bit, you will not find another amusement park more well-equipped to satisfy all your thrill cravings.

The park has a total of 70 rides, 17 of which are high thrill roller coasters. It gives me a rush just thinking about it.

No wonder it is called the ‘Roller Coaster Capital of the World’!

Also, if you didn’t know– Cedar Point is also known for setting world records with its roller coasters across a multitude of criteria including height, speed, type of coaster, etc.

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Rougarou Cedar Point roller coaster #cedarpoint #themepark

7 Reasons Rougarou at Cedar Point is NOT A WASTE OF TIME

Are you ready to conquer one of the nation’s top floorless roller coaster rides? Then the Rougarou at Cedar Point experience is one that you must do!

It’s no secret, Cedar Point continues to break all sorts of thrill ride records in the world.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear how much roller coaster enthusiasts love the scares, drops, twists, and speeds of Rougarou.

And just in case you need the Rougarou Cedar Point pronunciation, it sounds like this:  roo-gah-roo

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Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters Mix'd Jolly Rancher Roller Coaster

7 Best Roller Coasters at Hersheypark You MUST Ride

Are you ready to take a ride on the BEST roller coasters at Hersheypark?

Most northern United States theme park lovers are mostly familiar with Hersheypark. To backtrack a bit, Hershey was a company town created by Milton Hershey.

Amongst his plans was a leisure park for the employees. On May 30, 1096, Hersheypark was born!

The first big event was a baseball game with other events and performances that took place on the land over the years. Hersheypark would not get its first coaster, Wildcat, until 1923, which is still there today. It was placed to commemorate the park’s 20th anniversary.

In the park’s 115-year history, 142 attractions have come and go, with 72 currently in operation today. It now boasts several themed lands including the latest addition, Chocolatetown, which was the park’s most expensive addition in the park’s history.

Hersheypark has become a rite of passage for some families to experience their first coasters and perfect for solo travelers to get their thrills, enjoy delicious food and have a great time.

Guests can even take a quick stroll to Zooamerica, which showcases over 200 animals from five regions of north America year-round and part of your park ticket admission.

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Cedar Point Skyhawk Amusement Park Ride Sandusky Ohio

Skyhawk at Cedar Point: What to Expect 125 Feet in the Air!

I can bet that you most likely loved swings growing up. I did too. Cedar Point took common playground swings and blew it up 103 feet tall. And boom! The Skyhawk was born.

I have never chickened out of a ride once I was in the queue, but man oh man did I have to think twice about the Skyhawk at Cedar Point.

Now if you’re one of the  brave few people who want to swing up 125 feet and not puke, sit back and enjoy this guide on everything you need to know about Skyhawk at Cedar Point!

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Cedar Point Millennium Force Roller Coaster First Drop

Millennium Force at Cedar Point: America’s Top Roller Coaster

If you’re a roller coaster fanatic (like me), you must have heard the name Millennium Force several times till you finally decided to google it.

For a two-minute ride, this ride definitely has a certain oomph. It has since broken almost 20 records worldwide and also was the reason the term ‘Gigacoaster’ was coined.

Cedar Point definitely made its mark with this one. 

I love me some adrenaline rush, but if you are someone who doesn’t here is a note of caution: the Millennium Force is a steel monstrosity over 300 feet tall. You will be rattling along the rails at a speed of approximately 93 miles per hour.

Now those of you who haven’t been fazed by those numbers, welcome! You are the inner squad that I will train to take on the Millennium Force without hesitating or faltering.

At the end of this article, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take a ride on the feared Millennium Force.

Let’s get started with your training, shall we?

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Disney Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle with Dumbo 50th Anniversary Statue

Magic Kingdom Roller Coasters: ALL RANKED for 2022!

Are you ready to conquer ALL of the Magic Kingdom roller coasters on your next Disney trip?

When it comes to classic attractions, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is home to most of them, and many of those classic attractions happen to be roller coasters.

The best part about the roller coasters at Magic Kingdom is that they come in all shapes and sizes and all thrill levels. 

If you’re thinking about hopping on and pulling down the lap bar on any of these coasters, but have questions before you get on, I have you covered.

This is the ThemeParkHipster official ranking of the Magic Kingdom roller coasters. 

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Montu Roller Coaster Side By Side View

Montu at Busch Gardens: America’s TOP Roller Coaster

Tampa Bay is known for housing some of USA’s most extreme and fearsome (and awesome) thrill rides. Montu at Busch Gardens is no different.

It may not the be the world’s fastest or tallest roller coaster, but Montu still packs a punch. It consists of not one, not two, but SEVEN intense, heart-stopping inversions.

This sets Montu apart from the crowd and makes it a respectable (albeit a little daunting) ride to take on for all my solo theme park adventurers!

Don’t worry though, in this guide, I will equip you with all the information you need to tackle this giant.

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