Top 5 Tallest Roller Coasters at Cedar Point You MUST Ride!

Cedar Point, Ohio can be best described as an enterprise almost entirely focused on serving adrenaline junkies with the tallest, fastest and meanest rides on the planet.

In this story, however, I will be focusing on one of the most important criteria for roller coasters– how fast they can make you want to release all the contents in your stomach.

The layout of the ride is quite simple: you go straight up a whopping 420 feet in the air and then you come down from it… at 90 degrees..


Top Thrill Dragster (420 feet)

At 310 feet tall, this gigantic monster of steel led to the coining of the term ‘giga-coaster’.


Millennium Force (310 feet)

At 223 feet tall, this king among dive roller coasters takes no prisoners. It starts off with a bang and by that I mean a steep incline leading to (of course) a 90-degree drop.


Valravn (223 Feet)

If you can get past the bumpy ride, you’ll be treated to 72 mph of pure thrills!


Magnum XL and Steel Vengeance (205 feet) 

This record-breaking roller coaster will take you on the wings of a griffon as you fly through twists and turns in the first half of the park.


GateKeeper (170 feet)

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