Top 10 Best Things to Do at Universal Studios on Your Solo Trip

If you’re traveling to Universal Studios by yourself, you’re probably looking for the best way to see and do everything you can at the park.

This story will provide you with some ideas of activities to make your solo trip to Universal Studios exciting.

VIP Tour

You’ll join a group of other VIPs to be escorted through the entire park, getting priority access to rides and shows without waiting in line!


The private tour guide will provide all sorts of interesting background information and fun facts about the park, including providing access to behind-the-scenes experience and sights.

MiB Immigration Tour

If you’re looking for other special tour options, you can try for the free backstage tour of Men In Black: Alien Attack.


Depending on staffing for the day, you could gain access to the special experience few guests know about!

Bourne Stuntacular

One of Universal’s newest attractions is the story-based stunt show featuring Jason Bourne.


The Stuntacular has an awesome mix of storytelling, graphic special effects, and live sets and performers to bring the action to life.

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