Top 10 BEST Rides at Busch Gardens Tampa You Must-Do (2023)

Are you ready to take on the best rides at Busch Gardens Tampa? Well, hold on tight thrill seekers, we are about to make your screams come true.

Today I am rolling out the top 10 best rides at Busch Gardens Tampa so you don’t miss out on a minute of fun.

It’s one unpredictable Egyptian-themed coaster reaching speeds of 60 mph.



With its wooden frame and steel track it still gives you the bone-chilling trembles that wooden roller coasters are known for.


Iron Gwazi

This classic steel roller coaster is anything but ordinary and remains to be top-rated with one of the largest vertical loops in the world.



This iconic triple-launch roller coaster will always be on my list of rides at Busch Gardens Tampa that you MUST experience.


Cheetah Hunt

This floorless dive roller coaster reaches lightning fast speeds of 70 mph, has a 200-foot drop that plummets you through the air with an intense Immelmann loop.



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