SMACKDOWN: 7 Best Halloween Horror Nights Icons EVER!!!

The time of year that most of us has anticipated is upon us. Halloween Season. And nothing’s more important than the Halloween Horror Nights Icons.

Now it is time to begin our main list of the top 7 Halloween Horror Nights Icons list.

Lady Luck

In this particular year, she was featured in some form in every house giving the main character a choice. This is due to her fascinating lore!


So, while she may seem like a gorgeous and stunning beauty, when she reveals her true form, she is a hideous monster. Just like someone’s mother-in-law, I’m sure.

The Director

Nothing compares to real blood. Or at least that’s what famous director Paulo Ravinski said.


Now Mr. Ravinski is into a specific kind of film: Snuff. He loves torturing and killing his victims and has zero remorse.


What is a performer without their assistance, right? Let’s meet this enchanting lady and Jack the Clown’s right-hand lady, Chance.


She became the icon of Halloween Horror Nights 26 with her own house and scare zone, which overall, was loved by fans.

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