Knott’s Scary Farm Mazes ALL Ranked: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Are brave enough to survive ALL of the Knott’s Scary Farm Mazes for 2023? Well, ThemeParkHipster it’s Halloween season aka spooky season in the theme park community.

I will be ranking them today from 1-10 on the criteria of scare factor, creativity, and storytelling.

Dark Entities

Starting off at the bottom is “Dark Entities.” Here you teleport beyond Earth and into a realm of true darkness.


In the loneliness of space, a space station has to face terrors truly beyond imagination and with no help in sight.

Bloodline 1842

We have Bloodline 1842, where we enter the battlegrounds of the war-torn streets of the steampunk new Victorian city of Valdonia.


We travel through the rubble of the city, flying past blood-soaked walls and caved-in catacombs, armed with only our wits, courage, and adrenaline to protect us.

The Depths

The Depths is number 8 for a similar reason as the last two and that’s for a different trope: the creature trope.


An eerie fog has crept over an abandoned mining town where freaky and ancient creatures call the dark, underground caves near the seaside.

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