Top 10 BEST Things to Do at Cedar Point (2023)

Cedar Point is the roller coast of the country. It has easily earned that reputation, being the catalyst for the famous coaster wars of the early 2000s.

Today, I’ll be sharing the 10 best things to do at Cedar Point theme park besides their famous coasters.

Starting off with something for Cedar Point lovers, we have the ride through history tour.


A Ride Through History Tour

You will find local artisans selling and sharing their fares. And can even purchase tasting cards to get the full experience of the park’s delectable festival offerings.


Frontier Festival

Get the family together and enjoy not-so-scary fall activities, your favorite rides and attractions, live entertainment and more.



Designed by world-famous architect, Tom Fazio, this daily fee public gold club is located on the shores of Lake Erie. It is great for relaxing and perfecting your golf game!


Sawmill Creek Golf Club

Cedar Point hosts a range of activities including trivia, glow in the dark fun beach games, potato sack races and more! Perfect for families and solo travelers alike.


Cedar Point Beach

The 18 acre water park is perfect for those who aren’t fans of being beachside. It boasts 5 pools, 12 water slides, and 4 children’s areas.


Cedar Point Shores Water Park

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