9 Best Roller Coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa ALL RANKED!

The roller coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa are famous for breaking world records with heart-pounding drops and adrenaline thrills.

So, let’s dive into a world of fun as we get these awesome Busch Gardens Tampa roller coasters ranked!

I am warming up with a junior roller coaster before I jump into this action-packed list of roller coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa.


Air Grover

Scorpion is one of the best places to get your first taste of adrenaline for the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay roller coasters.



Tigris is one topsy-turvy twirling cool coaster blasting you forwards and backward.



Once you ride Cobra’s Curse you will know EXACTLY why it’s known as a spin roller coaster.


Cobra’s Curse

With a stomach-dropping 200-foot plummet right at the beginning, SheiKra is one intense roller coaster with incredible drops!



Cheetah Hunt will have you hanging on for dear life as you find out what it feels like to be the fastest land animal in the entire world.


Cheetah Hunt

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