7 Reasons Rougarou at Cedar Point is NOT A WASTE OF TIME

Are you ready to conquer one of the nation’s top floorless roller coaster rides? Then the Rougarou at Cedar Point experience is one that you must do!

It’s no secret, Cedar Point continues to break all sorts of thrill ride records in the world.

The longest, fastest, and tallest stand-up roller coaster was announced on September 8, 1995 from Cedar Point.


Incredible History of Rougarou at Cedar Point

If you’re like me, then you want to know what you’ll be getting yourself into when experiencing this crazy roller coaster.


Unique and Fun Layout of Rougarou at Cedar Point

The trains replaced the previous stand-up ones with 32 seats per train. Each train has eight rows with four seats across.


New Train for Rougarou at Cedar Point

Before you embark on this werewolf-inspired coaster, you should know a few little details about Rougarou. – Drop– 137 ft – Duration– 2:30


Amazing Rougarou Cedar Point Roller Coaster Stats

The Rougarou name comes from a legendary creature in French folklore comparable to the werewolf legends.


Mysterious Folklore of Rougarou at Cedar Point

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