49 Weird Disney Haunted Mansion Ride Secrets and Facts

Today we’re taking a mysterious journey through the creepy and fun Disney Haunted Mansion ride secrets!

In this story I’m going to focus on the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion attractions.

- New Orleans Square at Disneyland (California) - Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom (Florida) - Frontierland at Disneyland Paris (Phantom Manor)


This Attraction Can Be Found All Over the World

A doctor and medical lawyer, Cary Sharp, donated $37,400 for a charity event held at Disneyland to become the “1000th” ghost!


The Real “1000th” Ghost

Many of the names on the tombstones are from real who were connected to the Disney brand.


Who’s Buried in the Tombstones?

Be sure to look for the iconic grim bride with the bright red heart. Her name is Constance Hatchaway.


The Legendary Bride

The Hatbox Ghost was originally a part of the attraction at Disneyland. However, the “HatBox” trick never lived up to the title, so it was axed.


Hatbox Tales

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