31 Fun and BEST Things to Do at Universal Studios Florida

Are you looking for the most fun things to do at Universal Studios Florida? Well, look no further!

I am here for you. I’ve put together some of the BEST things to do at Universal Studios Florida so that you don’t have to stress!

Halloween Horror Nights

I would be remiss if the first thing on this extensive list wasn’t Halloween Horror Nights.


Halloween Horror Nights is definitely one of the most anticipated events that Universal Studios Florida presents each year.

Have a Party with the Blues Brothers

Party with the famous Chicago band’s most classic tunes.


Enjoy the classic Jazz music, the soul of the saxophone, and the signature dark outfits complete with hats and glasses.

Do the MiB Immigration Tour

Well, Universal Studios has “secret” opportunities too! The only way to experience them is to ask!


Inspired by the well-known film Men In Black, the immigration tour is a backstage look at the MiB: Alien Attack ride!

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