21 Busch Gardens Must Do’s YOU Have to Experience (2023)

Do you have a Busch Gardens must do’s list? I do!

Busch Gardens is a must do theme park in Florida. This amazing park is over 335 acres with more than 2000 animals onsite.

Grab a tasty treat at Moroccan Delights

The Moroccan Delights, is a bakery shop located in the front of Busch Gardens. It’s usually my first or last stop of the day.


Here you can grab a slice of cake, cinnamon rolls, muffins, a piece of fruit, or other freshly baked pastries.

Relax in Myombe Reserve

The Myombe Reserve is a relaxing, secluded area in Busch Gardens. Here you can rejuvenate yourself during your solo trip.


This area of the park is also a great spot to sit, read, or unwind. It has multiple benches throughout with shaded covering.

Ride Cheetah Hunt

Located in the Cheetah Hunt Area, this triple launch coaster will have you flying with cheetah like speed. It’s also the park’s longest ride (4400 feet).


If you need a morning pick-me-up, then make Cheetah Hunt your first roller coaster of the day!

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