15 BEST SeaWorld Spooktacular Tips (2023 First-timer’s Guide)

This is mostly due to my late nights working that leave me extremely tired the next day.

Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know for this year’s SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular event!

Coming early to SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular will give you a chance to pace yourself by allowing you to enjoy all the activities special to this autumn event.


Start Early

Mapping out your day with the app will save you the headache of missing out on unique things, especially if you’re only able to visit once.


Map out Your Day and Download App

You can meet some of them at the Mermaid Grotto and throughout various places inside the park.


Meet the Special SeaWorld Spooktacular Halloween Characters

During the Sesame Street Halloween parade, you’ll join The Count, Elmo, Big Bird and more as they party with you through the famous street.


Watch the Sesame Street Halloween Parade

Trick or treating at SeaWorld Spooktacular is the BEST part of the evening!


Map Out Your Candy Route

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