11 AMAZING Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hidden Secrets

Every visit has something special for you to experience and will make you go “Wow! Was this always there?”

Today, your favorite Ravenclaw will be sharing some of the hidden gems and secrets to look out for during your trip into Harry’s magical world.

Trade in Your Muggle Money

Because we are traveling into a new world, just like when you would exchange your American currency for the currency of the country you’re visiting, you can do that here.


These could also make super cool and affordable souvenirs for you to take home or even frame for your home as décor.

Pay Moaning Myrtle a Visit

She can be seen briefly in the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction in Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure.


But most of us know that Moaning Myrtle is known for her bathroom visits. When you enter the facilities in Hogsmeade, you may hear Myrtle chatting attempt to chat it up with you.

Send a Postcard via Owl Post

When you are exploring the Owlery, you can find little things like cuckoo clock where an owl pops out every hour.


When you look up, you’ll see owls resting on their perches, waiting to be called to their next assignment.

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